Miley Cyrus offered her condolences with the family and boyfriend of a fan who was brutally murdered for being gay. 

On Saturday (26 June), a Twitter user tagged the singer in a tweet and told the story of Gabriel, an LGBTQ+ fan from Brazil that lost his life due to homophobia.

“Hey Miley, this is Gabriel. He was a huge fan of yours, Brazilian, and recently lost his life to brutality. Homophobia. He loved you very much,” they said. 

The tweet included a picture of Gabriel and a statement from his boyfriend that revealed the cause of his death. 

“This Tuesday he was murdered with three shots in his head, on a barbershop… they killed him because of who he is, who he loves,” Gabriel’s boyfriend wrote. 

“[He was] a pure-hearted person that was mean to no one, always helped everyone and today I had to say goodbye to the love of my life with my heart aching and sadness.” 

Soon after the initial tweet was posted, Cyrus took to Twitter and shared the tweet and her condolences for Gabriel. 

“I am devastated to find out a smiler has brutally lost their life due to hate, judgement and injustice,” she said.

“To call this disturbing action “homophobia” would mean that the attacker had a “fear of” queer people. Which is fucking bullshit. This humans heart was full of HATE and ANGER.

“We can’t continue to allow these events to be written off as simply “homophobia”… Because you know who was “scared“ in that situation? Gabriel.”

The singer concluded her series of tweets by saying LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance are at the top of her priority lists. 

“This is exactly why the importance of my mission to fight against this type of cruelty w love, acceptance, and FREEDOM is at the very top of my priorities and is the purpose of my existence on this planet,” she said. 

 “And knowing this happened to someone that loved me and I love in return breaks my heart! #WeWontLetThemWin.” 

According to a report from Globo1, the suspect responsible for the murder is currently at large and the police are investigating Gabriel’s death as a homicide.