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Jonathan Van Ness responded to criticism that claimed they and Antoni Porowski queerbaited fans in the announcement of their new business.

The pair, who both star on the hit Netflix series Queer Eye, posted a couple of cozy snaps, which were captioned to suggest they were in a romantic relationship.

JVN wrote: “We’re finally together. Details tomorrow, but know that we’re very happy and feeling supported by the people around us.”

Meanwhile Porowski tweeted: “Some personal news. After years of joking about it, we’re finally together. Here’s to giving things a shot. More tomorrow.”

The pair then confirmed that they were business partners and formally announced the launch of dog treats brand, Yummies.


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The stars received backlash on social media following the announcement.

It was claimed that Van Ness and Porowski queerbaited fans with misleading initial posts.

JVN took to Twitter and addressed some of the comments they received.

On 16 September they took to Twitter and stated: “Seeing folx be mad about two queer people making a joke to launch a biz are the same critics who have nothing to say about queer issues impacting queer people.”

“Don’t say trans bills, the overturning of Dobbs, the threat to marriage equality… but yes be mad about pet food.”

When one commenter asked if it played into queer stereotypes, the hair stylist responded: “No more bc we have been joking about it for years.”

They then tweeted that they were called a man in a Slate article.

“I see this slate article calling me a MAN in the same article in acknowledges me as non binary,” they began.

“Some v angry folx saying I don’t do anything for our community etc. I literally advocate queer issues look at the body of my work and you would see the work I do day in and day out.”

They concluded the thread by saying: “But it’s not even about me! Its about people painting you in whatever sh*tty light fits their narrative & I’m not here for it.”