LGBTQ+ youth charity Just Like Us has launched more than 50 free inclusive resources ahead of School Diversity Week.

Their UK-wide celebration of LGBTQ+ equality, which takes place in thousands of primary and secondary schools, runs from 20-24 June 2022.

Activities will include LGBTQ+ inclusive geography and science lessons, storytime activities and assemblies to school talks from Just Like Us ambassadors, as well as a Rainbow Friday dress-up day.

Resources provided by Just Like Us are free for teachers and schools to use, covering EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4, as well as key subject areas such as posters, lesson plans, assemblies, form time activities and videos.

Just Like Us’ Chief Executive, Dominic Arnall, said they are “delighted to launch our online resources platform so that all teachers across the UK can now sign up to access free, ready-to-go lesson plans, assemblies, form time activities and more.”

He added: “LGBT+ young people desperately need to hear positive messaging to combat shame, and this event is designed to do just that in a way that makes it as easy as possible for teachers.”

The event is supported by the charity’s long-standing partners JP Morgan and Meta, the headline sponsor of School Diversity Week.

Arnall said they’re “incredibly grateful” for Meta’s continued support and JP Morgan for their ongoing partnership – “both key in helping more LGBT+ young people to know it’s OK to be themselves.”

Brad Baumoel, global head of LGBT+ Affairs at JP Morgan, said in a statement: “JPMorgan Chase is proud to partner with Just Like Us and remains committed to creating a safer, more inclusive world for LGBT+ people of all ages.

“Young people deserve to be celebrated for who they are and School Diversity Week is an important opportunity to ensure LGBT+ youth across the UK, and everywhere around the world, feel safe, seen and heard.”

Nicky Friensener at Meta added: “Meta is delighted to continue the partnership with Just Like Us and sponsor School Diversity Week.

“School Diversity Week is an amazing week packed full of information and resources for the young LGBT+ community and teachers to help navigate the challenges in today’s complicated world.

“Meta has had the privilege to work with the Just Like Us team first hand and see the positive impact School Diversity Week has had on thousands of young LGBT+ pupils.”

Primary and secondary schools can sign up for free resources at

Help Just Like Us bring LGBTQ+ inclusive education to more schools this School Diversity Week by donating now, starting a fundraiser or joining their Founders’ Circle.