Looking for love is difficult. Looking for love during a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic? Even more difficult!

That’s why TAIMI, the world’s first LGBTQI+ Social Network and Dating App is doing all it can to make sure its 6+ Million global users feel connected at all times. 

TAIMI’s founder Alex Pasykov is adamant about making sure that “each and every user feels appreciated and valued during these difficult times.  It is extremely important to give everyone the ability to stay connected, to share the news, to meet new people from all corners.”

Certainly, dating amid social distancing and self-isolation is no easy feat, but this is a new era full of opportunities for people looking for a much deeper connection. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, TAIMI’s social network has nearly doubled in terms of activity. The custom groups, stories, posts, and latest news in the digest have grown by 35%. As one of the first apps of its kind to introduce the built-in video call feature, TAIMI’s users are certainly enjoying the benefits of a face-to-face communication while in self-isolation. 

TAIMI continues to maintain its focus on fighting homophobia around the globe. The completely unique product that offers both dating and social networking aspects is now available in over 45 countries. 

The strong sense of community is at the very core of TAIMI. The world’s first LGBTQI+ Social Network and Dating App is inclusive to all LGBTQI+ users regardless of where they identify on the gender and sexuality spectrum. 

In addition to that, TAIMI continues to battle the stigma associated with coming out with its advertising campaign. The subject of ‘coming out’ during every new meeting or acquaintance definitely strikes a chord with a lot of people. That’s exactly why the multi-media advertising campaign will continue to run through Pride season. 

This year chatting online and video calling each other may be the best way to stay in touch for millions of people. It sure seems that in 2020 going out to pubs, bars, clubs, and of course Pride events is out of the question.  

For LGBTQI+ people Pride is more than just a party, it is about equality, human rights, history and acceptance. For over 50 years, Pride has been a quintessential part of the summer season in virtually every corner of the globe. 

Although many countries are now easing the quarantine restrictions, life, as we know, is far from returning to normal any time soon. This ‘new normal’ means that millions of LGBTQI+ people throughout the world will not have the opportunity to express themselves freely, to speak out against homophobia in public and to raise awareness out in the open for millions of others to experience. Therefore, it’s so important for all LGBTQI+ people to unite in the spirit of Pride and showcase themselves as much as possible.


To help its users, friends, and followers amid the crisis, TAIMI has partnered up with online influencers to encourage celebrating Pride at home. The campaign features fun tips on how to stay involved in the celebrations, keeping your pride alive and advice on how to stay actively involved in the life of your local community amid the pandemic.

As Alex Pasykov puts it: “Although 2020 has put quite a damper on our Pride season plans, we won’t let it spoil what we have worked for so long. The truth is, the pandemic will pass, and the world will get back on its feet.  We just have to be patient and make sure that we all know that Pride is not cancelled! Love is not cancelled!”