From Berlin to Birmingham and Bangkok to Boston, this is a comprehensive list of key dates for all the major global Pride events taking place across 2024.

Last year was undeniably one of the biggest celebrations of LGBTQIA+ inclusion and acceptance around the world, with the queer community and its allies reportedly showing up, flags in hand, for over a thousand Pride events in 56 countries.

With various legislative attempts to erode the rights of LGBTQIA+ people, particularly trans people and drag queens, it has never been so important to show solidarity, continue to fight for equality and celebrate how far we’ve come. It’s also crucial that we continue to honour the LGBTQIA+ pioneers who paved the way for the rights we have today.

For more advice on how to plan your Pride trips, be sure to check out GAY TIMES’ new travel pillar @thisisoutmost.

Read ahead for the full list of Pride dates taking place around the world in 2024. This list will be updated over time.


Adelaide, Australia TBA
Auckland, New Zealand 17 February
Brisbane, Australia TBA
Christchurch, New Zealand 15-31 March
Hamilton, New Zealand 7-20 April
SpringOUT (Canberra), Australia 2 November
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Australia 16 February – 3 March
Victoria (Melbourne), Australia 11 February
Wellington, New Zealand 1-17 March
Western Australia (Perth), Australia TBA


Cape Town, South Africa 2 March
Johannesburg, South Africa 26 October


Bangkok Pride, Thailand 1 June
Hanoi, Vietnam TBA
Hong Kong TBA
Manila, Philippines TBA
Mumbai, India 3 February
Osaka, Japan TBA
Singapore 24 June
Taiwan 26 October
Tokyo, Japan 19-21 April


Athens, Greece TBA
Amsterdam, Netherlands 27 July – 4 August
Antwerp, Belgium 7-11 August
Baltic (Riga, Latvia) 6-15 June
Barcelona, Spain TBA
Belgrade, Serbia September 2-7
Berlin. Germany 27 July
Benidorm, Spain TBA
Brussels, Belgium 18 May
Budapest, Hungary 22 June
Copenhagen, Denmark 10-18 August
Cork, Ireland TBA
Dublin, Ireland 29 June
EuroPride (Thessaloniki, Greece) 21-29 June
Frankfurt, Germany 8-11 August
Helsinki, Finland 24-30 June
Ibiza, Spain 7-15 June
Limerick, Ireland 13 July
Ljubljana, Slovenia 15 June
Luxembourg 6-14 July
Madrid, Spain 28 June – 6 July
Malmo, Sweden 3-6 July
Marseille, France TBC
Martigny, Switzerland 19-20 July
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria 8 May
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria: Winter Pride 4-10 November
Munich, Germany 8-23 June
Oslo, Norway 21-29 June
Paris, France 29 June
Prague, Czechia 5-11 August
Reykjavik, Iceland 6-11 August
Rome, Italy 15 June
Sofia, Bulgaria 22 June
​​Torremolinos, Spain 26 May – 2 June
Valletta, Malta 6-15 September
Vienna, Austria 25 May – 9 June
Zurich, Switzerland TBA


Aberystwyth 20 April
Belfast 19-28 July
Birmingham 25 May
Bourne Free (Bournemouth) 5-6 July
Brighton 3-4 August
Brighton Trans+ Pride TBA
Bristol 29 June-14 July
Cambridge 15 June
Canterbury 8-9 June
Cardiff 22-23 June
Chester 17 August
Derby 14 September
Doncaster 10 August
Dundee 15 June
Edinburgh 22 June
Exeter TBA
Essex Pride (Chelmsford) 22 June
Falmouth 27 April
Foyle Pride (Derry) 15-25 August
Grampian Pride (Aberdeen) 25 May
Swansea 18 May
Surrey TBA
Suffolk Pride (Ipswich) 8 June
Mardi Gla (Glasgow) 20 July
Margate 10 August
Newquay 20 July
Northern Pride (Newcastle) 20-21 July
Norwich 27 July
Notts Pride (Hockley) 27 July
Oxford 8 June
Leeds 21 July
Leicester 31 August
Lincoln 17 August
Liverpool TBA
London 29 June
London Trans+ Pride 27 July
Manchester 23-26 August
Manchester Trans+ Pride 4 August
Plymouth 22 June
Sheffield 22 June
St Ives 5 October
Trans+ Pride Scotland, Kilmarnock 30 March
UK Black Pride TBA

North America

Acapulco, Mexico TBA
Ashbury Park, New Jersey 2 June
Atlanta, Georgia 12-13 October
Baltimore, Maryland 10-16 June
Birmingham, Alabama 9 June
Boston, Massachusetts 8 June
Calgary, Alberta TBA
Casper, Wyoming TBA
Chicago, Illinois 30 June
Columbus, Ohio 15 June
Dallas, Texas 1-2 June
Denver, Colorado 22-23 June
Guadalajara, Mexico 15 June
Havana, Cuba 9-19 May
Honolulu, Hawaii 19 October
Kansas City, Missouri 7-9 June
Key West, Florida 5-9 June
Las Vegas, Nevada TBA
Little Rock, Arkansas TBA
Mexico City, Mexico 26 June-1 July
Miami Beach, Florida 13-14 April
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 6-8 June
Montreal, Quebec TBA
New Orleans, Louisiana 7-9 June
New York City, New York 30 June
Tampa, Florida 23 March
Toronto, Ontario TBA
San Francisco, California 29-30 June
St Louis Black Pride, Missouri 15-18 August
Orlando, Florida 12 April
San Salvador, El Salvador TBA
Seattle, Washington 30 June
Springfield, Illinois 18 May
Sacramento, California 8-9 June
Nashville, Tennessee 22-23 June
Philly Black Pride, Pennsylvania 25-28 April
Phoenix, Arizona 19-20 October
Portland, Oregon 20-21 July
PrideFete, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic TBA
Provincetown, Massachusetts 31 May-June 2
Rhode Island 15 June
Puerto Rico, San Juan 23 June
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico TBA
Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia 31 May-2 June
Vancouver Winter Pride, British Columbia 2-24 February
Victoria, British Columbia June 27 June-7 July
Washington D.C. 31 May- 9 June
Washington D.C. Black Pride 24-27 May
West Hartford, Connecticut 22 June
Winnipeg, Manitoba 1-2 June

South America

Bogota, Colombia 29 June
Buenos Aires, Argentina TBA
Brasilia, Brazil 24 June-9 July
Lima, Peru 29 June
Montevideo, Uruguay TBA
Santiago, Chile TBA
Sao Paulo, Brazil 2 June
Sao Paulo Trans + Pride, Brazil 31 May