Devin Bryant was attending the Covenant Christian Academy in Texas.

A private Christian school in Texas has expelled a straight-A student because he was gay. The headteacher went on to claim that it was what ‘Jesus would’ve wanted.’

Devin had come out in October, and some teachers knew about his sexuality and supported him. He added that school administration knew about his coming out, but he thought they were “ignoring” it.

Speaking to the Dallas Voice, Devin explained the positive reaction, saying: “People said they are there for me. They were proud of me for making the decision to come out.”

Sadly, days before Devin was due to start his senior year at the Covenant Christian Academy, his mother, Consolata, received a phone call from the school’s new headteacher, Tony Jeffrey, telling her that he wasn’t welcome back because of his sexuality.

Confronting him, she asked: “Are you a Christian? Jesus would not do what you are doing.” However, the new headteacher responded, by saying: “I’m doing what Jesus would want me to do.”

Jeffrey went on to offer Consolata counselling after she stood up for her son. When asked for comment by the Dallas Voice, the school refused, saying “We don’t have a statement,” and that they don’t comment on students.

The headteacher later praised Devin, writing that he was “a popular, well-behaved student, talented artist and gifted athlete who has made significant contributions to our program during his tenure here”. He even added he was an “exceptional student.” However, he said that Devin had to be expelled because of the school’s deeply-held religious beliefs.

Consolata concedes that she signed a contract with the school which says, in the small print of the student’s code of conduct, that homosexuality is forbidden. Consolata and Devin believe that he may have been expelled over a design he wanted for his student parking spot.

The design read: “Super Hot, Fun, Attractive, Fast-driving, Insane, Very Smart, Outgoing, Party Freak, Young, Gay (as in happy don’t worry lol), Pretty, Reckless, Humble, Pyromaniac, Fun, Gay (as in homosexual this time, sorry) Person Parking Only.”

Two days after posting the design, Devin was expelled.

Devin said following his expulsion that he was “scared for” any other queer student who came out at the school, but hoped that what happened to him might create a dialogue that could better protect another student who might come out.

However, he said: “They [the school] don’t talk about it in a way that gives LGBTQ kids any hope in their relationship with Christ.I want to call people to a higher standard than I’ve seen.”

Devin is now studying at a public school, and is aiming to get into either Rutgers or UCLA next year.

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