Grindr revealed how people have used the dating app in 2021 – including where there are the most top, bottom and versatile accounts.

Released on 28 December, Grindr’s annual Unwrapped report shares data about the app in a similar way to Spotify Wrapped.

Instead of giving users individual breakdowns, however, the dating app shows international trends and how usage varied between different countries and cities.

The first statistic showed that the USA, Australia, UK, Ireland and Canada were the five countries with the highest percentage of users looking for “right now” when using the app.

Australia, China, the USA, UK and Brazil appeared to be the most open to accepting not safe for work pictures, according to the report.

“The couple that plays together, stays together,” Grindr says of those in open relationships looking for fun – something that was most common in India, Thailand, Switzerland, Vietnam and Algeria.

Grindr, which was founded in Los Angeles and launched in March 2009, claimed that “America runs on Grindr” with San Francisco having the highest number of face pictures, Salt Lake City having the most “travel only” users and New York City being the place with the most users looking for “right now”.

Unwrapped also revealed the five most popular profile songs globally:

  • Kiss Me More by Doja Cat feat. SZA
  • Easy on Me by Adele
  • Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X
  • Rain On Me by Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande
  • Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish

There were an average of one billion taps per month, as well as 82 million expiring photos sent and 5.4 million favourites added.

Paris, New York, São Paulo, London and Los Angeles were the cities with the most users in 2021, with Mexico, India, the UK, Brazil and the USA having the most overall accounts by country.

When it came to people’s preferred positions, the most tops could be found in the Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Israel and India.

Vietnam, China, South Africa, Peru and Poland were home to the most bottoms this year, with Russia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Romania and Venezuela having the highest proportion of versatile people.

The full Grindr Unwrapped report can be found by clicking here.