Grindr is releasing a brand new feature in their mission to deliver a “gayborhood in your pocket”.

To mark their 15th anniversary, the app has launched Roam, a new core travel feature that allows users to “temporarily place your profile in a new location ahead of a trip”.

Users will be able to change their geographic region for up to one hour, allowing the traveler to socialise with members of that community. This differs from Grindr’s current Explore feature, which allows users to check out other profiles in different regions without appearing on the grid or lists.

In a statement, Grindr CEO George Arison said: “Grindr is the connective tissue for the gay community around the world, and as we set out to fulfill our new mission, I’m excited to provide digital access to the important relationships, resources, and information that exist in so many physical Gayborhoods.

“With new features like Roam, we look forward to continuing to innovate the Grindr platform in order to meet the diverse needs of our users and drive a lasting impact for people everywhere.”

Roam is currently being tested out in select markets, and will be launching worldwide later this year.

Arison added that Roam is just one of several new features Grindr is “building and rolling out” to “bring the Global Gayborhood to your pocket”: “Whether you are looking for casual interactions or seeking longer-term connections, the Gayborhood will have features for you to find what and who you are looking for, whether you’re at home or jet-setting.”

Check out Grindr’s blog for more information on Roam.