In a new partnership that aims to catch the spirit of Pride, GAY TIMES has teamed up with Regent Street for a very special campaign.

Memories of Pride is a new digital community gallery initiative that will connect the LGBTQ+ community and allies through personal memories, images and the ever important history of the parade.

With Pride this year looking a little different, the LGBTQ+ community no longer has a global celebration in which to come together and show solidarity within physical spaces.

In isolation, issues surrounding self identification and sexuality have been heightened, without essential support systems that are so crucially needed.

Regent Street and GAY TIMES want to mark this annual event and give a platform to those issues by heroing memories from across Pride’s 50-year history, honouring all those who have and continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights and celebrating all things LGBTQ+ with friends and family.

The campaign will see a curated gallery of memories, experiences, images and more hosted on both GAY TIMES and Regent Street platforms.

The ambition is to document five decades of Pride memories so the community and allies can look back at the protests, parades and celebrations that have paved the way for the next generation of queer people.

LGBTQ+ people of all ages will have fond memories of proudly marching down Regent Street and Memories of Pride is an opportunity to share those treasured moments with the rest of the community and the world.

If you have pictures you’d like to submit to the digital community gallery, you can do so by sending them to

The virtual gallery will be unveiled in the coming weeks.