Tag Warner has been announced as the new CEO of global media company and publisher Gay Times, in a move that reflects the seismic shifts occurring in the industry.

Outgoing CEO, James Frost, will be taking a step back from the day-to-day operations to become Chairman of the company.

Proudly taking Gay Times independent in 2016, Frost was at the helm for the most radical changes in the company’s 45+ year history during an intense period of industry evolution and changing audience expectations.

Following a significant rebrand to Gay Times in late 2017, over the past 12 months the company has demonstrated its renewed commitment to the amplification of queer voices on a global scale.

With diversity, representation and inclusivity of the entire LGBTQ community now forming the very fibre of our brand mission, Gay Times has evolved to become far more than solely a magazine, and is now a leading LGBTQ media brand with the largest social audience of any queer publication in the world.

To reflect this change in the media landscape, Tag Warner has been appointed as the new CEO of Gay Times.

Joining the company in mid-2018, he’s played a significant consultative role in re-energising and re-introducing the newly refocused brand to a global audience and commercial partners alike.

Utilising his past experience consulting large corporate and customer facing brands on strategy, brand experience and diversity and inclusion, Warner has become the youngest person to be named CEO of Gay Times, and is expertly placed to guide the company into the most exciting era in its history.

“After a number of years consuming and working within LGBTQ media, I took on a personal mission to try and help better connect LGTBQ people from around the world with stories, experiences and with each other,” says Warner.

“Gay Times serves the entire LGBTQ initialism by connecting them with a global network of queer voices, experiences and forward-thinking brands, therefore it’s truly an honour to be appointed as CEO.

“I believe our community, now perhaps more than ever, need greater platforms to raise and amplify our voices.

“Gay Times in 2019 is set to be our most diverse and dynamic year yet, and I’m excited to share the wide-ranging plans we have in store – many of which will be a first for the industry.”

On appointing Warner as CEO, Chairman James Frost adds: “I have every faith that Tag has the vision and skills to lead Gay Times as a global media brand.

“What we have been able to achieve as a business in my time here has affirmed my belief that Gay Times supports and enriches our community in ways that are relevant to the changing world around us.

“I am looking forward to be taking up the role of Chairman of the company and will remain very much involved after a hugely gratifying and rewarding term as CEO.”

In other changes to the company, Lewis Corner has been appointed to the new role of Chief Content Officer.

Corner joined Gay Times in 2017 following an editor position at Hearst.

In his role as Online Editor he transformed gaytimes.co.uk into an industry leading LGBTQ news and culture destination, showcasing more original and community oriented editorial than ever before.

He simultaneously worked as Deputy Editor of Gay Times Magazine, which led to an alignment between the two largest platforms in the company.

In his new role, Corner will oversee all content across Gay Times’ various channels.

“During my time in the publishing industry, I’ve come to understand the importance of authentic storytelling across numerous mediums,” says Corner.

“Our community is filled with some of the most inspirational and emotional experiences in the world, and it is vital that these stories are amplified to the wider LGBTQ community and our allies in ways that will connect on the page, on the screen, or at live events.

“I’m excited in my new role to be able to showcase these voices across every platform Gay Times has to offer.”

William J Connolly will continue in his role as Editor of the print publication after taking to the position in 2018.

2019 is set to be the most exciting year in Gay Times’ history, and we are proud that more of you than ever before are embarking on this journey with us.