A gay football fan has been left with serious brain injuries after being viciously attacked in Russia.

O. Davrius and his partner had travelled to Russia from France to cheer on their home country, but were beaten in St Petersburg after catching a taxi. Their phones and wallets were stolen in the horrendous attack.

Davrius was left with more severe injuries than his partner, suffering with a fractured jaw, brain contusion and an open craniocerebral injury.

Two men have been arrested in conjunction with the attack, named Ismet Gaidarov and Rasul Magomedov.

Telegram channel Operdrain – who first reported the news – said: “Even though the injured are homosexuals, it does not justify the monsters who beat him.”

The 2018 World Cup has caused much concern for LGBTQ fans visiting Russia, with the Foreign Office, police and MPs claiming they are at serious risk of homophobic, racist and anti-British attacks.

In a statement, the UK Government wanted fans: “There is no reason not to come to the World Cup if you are LGBT+.

“However, although same-sex sexual activity has been decriminalised in Russia since 1993, it is strongly understood and advised that you do not publicly display your sexuality, but this is up to the individual.”

They also urged fans to not to sport rainbow flags at the event: “This would contradict the aforementioned ‘propaganda law’ and Russian LGBT+ groups have questioned how safe LGBT+ fans will be who raise the rainbow flag during matches.”

Russian gay rights activist – and political journalist – Anton Krasovsky also warned LGBTQ people to not “take a stand in public” because “it’s not safe.”

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