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Two men were beaten with glass bottles and left needing stitches after a facing brutal homophobic attack in Birmingham.

On August 14, Partners, Rob and Patrick, from Bicester, Oxfordshire, were in Birmingham for a friend’s housewarming party and, later that evening decided to celebrate in the famed Gay Village.

The pair left Missing Bar where they had initiated a light-hearted conversation with a group of men carrying balloons.

After joking about whether the balloon was for a birthday, the group of four men, who were in a black SUV, retaliated in an aggressive manner and started physically assaulting Rob and Patrick.

“They did not like that and went into all sort of foul language, including homophobic slurs directed at us,” the pair told the BBC.

Patrick tried to record the assailants on his phone, but the attackers stole his phone and pushed him to the ground before fleeing the scene. His partner told the BBC he found it “shocking that would happen in 2021”.

After beating the men, the attackers drove away in their SUV with Patrick’s phone. A friend of the pair tried to retrieve it from an open window but was dragged along by the car, which led to foot injuries.

Rob ran chased down the group in their SUV and confronted them while stopped at traffic lights. The group of men got out of the car and started to brutally beat Rob with glass bottles while shouting homophobic slurs.

Rob recalled the men calling him a “f****t” as they attacked him, but his recollection of much of the attack is “hazy”, Pink News reports.

A wave of support has been shared following the news of Rob and Patrick’s horrific violent assault.

“This is horrific. Sending our love and solidarity to Ron & Patrick. Thank you to @SouthsideDist safe space who took care of them after this awful, homophobic attack,” Birmingham Pride tweeted.

Linda Riley, former Board Director of GLAAD, also shared a Twitter statement on the attack: “Woke up today to these messages- Ron & Patrick were brutally attacked outside @MissingBarBrum last night. Another Day, another horrific homophobic attack on the #LGBTQI community. – These attacks are unfortunately becoming more & more frequent.”

Taiwo Owatemi MP, Labour MP for Coventry North West called the attack “shocking” and noticed it’s time for a change in the city.

“This shocking homophobic attack in Birmingham shows how far we have to go in creating a society where everyone can live without fear,” the MP tweeted. “I hope Rob and Patrick make a quick recovery, and that those responsible for this hate crime are brought to justice.”

FFLA, an organisation supporting LGBTQ+ families and parents, also shared support for the engaged couple: “This is beyond belief! Saddened and so very angry that at this can still be happening on our streets in 2021,” the organisation tweeted.

“Sending our love and best wishes to Rob and Patrick. We stand alongside you and all our beloved #LGBT+ friends and family members.”

Following the attack, Rob, Patrick and their female friend were taken to a nearby hospital. All three of the victims were treated for their injuries.

Due to being attacked with glass bottles, Rob received 16 stitches in his head and had six more on his hand. Both Rob and Patrick were discharged from the hospital shortly after.

West Midlands Police have confirmed they are investigating the attack and CCTV is being recovered and the victims are being contacted to get more information.

Insp Steve Lloyd, from Birmingham Police, said: “This was an absolutely appalling attack and robbery on people just trying to enjoy a night out in the city centre.

“They’ve suffered homophobic abuse before being physically injured, and we are working incredibly hard to find those responsible.

“We’ll be working closely with businesses in the area, and the Southside BID, to reassure them that we are taking this appalling hate crime very seriously.”