“What goes on on holiday should stay on holiday” according to ex rugby player Tom Garratt, who has reacted to the viral leaked video of him performing an intimate act on another man.

In a now deleted video from “seven years ago”, Garratt can be seen “after a few drinks” performing the act on an unidentified male friend to cheers of onlookers. The former player for Hull Kingston Rovers and Deswbury Rams addressed the video in his Pitch Side podcast on 6 February.

“It’s from seven years ago, which obviously doesn’t change the fact that what happened, happened. Obviously we were on holiday and it got a bit messy and we thought it would be funny to… yeah,” he explained.

“We had a great time, we had a great laugh and I don’t know how the video’s got out but it has. And you’ve just got to f***ing firm it – unlike my mate did.”

He continued: “So, if anyone’s looking for a holiday buddy for the summer, I might be going to Tenerife. I’ll see you there!”

Garratt has not ruled out the situation happening again though, as he is “partial to being a bit fruity” but will “make sure there’s no cameras” next time.

Alongside co-stars Reev and Theo, he called out the “homophobic slander” that has appeared online. “Any man can take banter, he can take banter more than anyone. But what we won’t stand for is homophobic slander online, that is pathetic. Whoever tweets that is a loser.”

@tgarratt02Apparently theres an AI video going round about me…♬ original sound – Tom Garratt

The sports content creator doubled down on his stance on TikTok where he told fans: “If you’re not comfortable looking a c**k in the face or a c**k in your hand then there is something wrong with you, alright?”

He also claimed that “whoever leaked it is weirder than me.”

Garratt continued to affirm: “I stand by the fact it’s funny. It doesn’t mean I’m bi, it doesn’t mean I’m gay… Well, maybe it does. And if I am, I am! All right?”

Watch Garratt address the leaked video in the TikTok below.

@tgarratt02Reacting to the reactions of me…♬ original sound – Tom Garratt