Drag Race UK star Bimini Bon Boulash has called for justice for the late Brianna Ghey in a powerful speech. 

Content warning: This story may include topics that could make some readers feel uncomfortable.

Back in February, the trans teenager from Birchwood was tragically killed, sending shockwaves across the LGBTQIA+ community in the UK.  

At the time, local police revealed that her body was found on a path at Linear Park in Culcheth, and she appeared to have suffered multiple stab wounds. 

On 15 February, two 16-year-old suspects were arrested and charged with Brianna’s murder, with a trial set for later this year, per the BBC. 

While an exact motive has yet to be released, authorities are currently investigating the case as a potential hate crime. 

In the wake of her tragic passing, an array of LGBTQIA+ activists have used their platforms to call for justice for Brianna – including Drag Race UK talent Bimini. 

On 8 September, the beloved star was awarded an honorary fellowship from Goldsmith, University of London. 

At the start of her acceptance speech, Bimini thanked the university for its “unwavering commitment to creativity, inclusivity and progressive thinking.”

“In a world that often marginalises and excludes the LGBTQ+ community, attempting to diminish our worth and undermine our fabulousness, receiving this honour feels more important now than ever,” Bimini said. 

“It serves as a powerful reminder that we have always been here and we will continue to exist proudly and unapologetically no matter the voices that try and silence us. We are here to stay.” 

Towards the end of her speech, Bimini brought attention to the injustices that the LGBTQIA+ community face before putting a spotlight on Brianna’s heartbreaking passing. 

“Right now, queer identities are being policed, politicised, debated, and in the most extreme cases even murdered,” she exclaimed. 

“Justice for Brianna Ghey, a 16-year-old transgender girl who was stabbed to death in the UK her entire life taken away from her through hate.

“At a time where people believe our existence to be a threat to live your life authentically no matter the consequences, is the most courageous act you can do.” 

Bimini’s heartfelt words came a day after Brianna’s mother, Esther Ghey, launched a fundraiser alongside the Warrington Guardian in honour of her daughter. 

According to the GoFundMe page, the “short-term goal is to raise money to send teachers from Warrington on Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) training courses, which will provide more support for children of all ages.”

“The traumatic impact that this had on my family was so enormous, that I decided to help make a difference in our society to reduce the risk of this happening again to another young person,” Esther said in a statement.