Photo: YouTube [The Kelly Clarkson Show]

Demi Lovato has shared what being non-binary means for them and how opening up about it publicly has bettered their life.

During an interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb, the Skyscraper singer discussed their search for extraterrestrial life on new show Unidentified with Demi Lovato.

Lovato said the show is a way of exploring things bigger than yourself and becoming more open to the idea of new possibilities.

Discussing their gender journey, the 29-year-old shared that they are finally living their “truth”.

“I came out as non-binary in May, and since then it’s just felt like my truth has been living my life as loudly as possible without a care in the world,” Lovato shared.

“‘Her’ is now a ‘they’. And the way I explain being non-binary to people, or gender nonconforming, is for me personally, i can’t speak to everyone in their experience.”

They said that a key part of their process was coming to the realisation that they are equally feminine and masculine.

Lovato added: “My masculine and feminine energy are equal, so much so that I may be wearing a dress and heels right now, but I don’t identify as just a woman or just a man, I identify as both.”

The singer explained that they “understand” when people misgender them as a change in pronouns can be a big adjustment.

“I do have a lot of grace and a lot of understanding for people that maybe misuse my pronouns,” they shared. “I still mess up sometimes, and say ‘oh I can’t wait to be an aunt one day’ and I’m like, ‘wait, what word do I use?’ I think for that one we’re gonna use ‘auncle.’”

Lovato also stated that “it doesn’t matter” how you identify, as long as you are happy.

“I identify as pansexual, I’m attracted to human beings, and it doesn’t matter what you identify as,” they continued

“I just don’t hold myself back from sharing my love with anybody.”