Club Q shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich, 23, has been charged with more than 50 counts of federal hate crimes after a mass shooting in Colorado Springs on 9 November 2022 that killed five people and wounded more than a dozen.

Content warning: This story includes topics that could make some readers feel uncomfortable and/or upset.

On Tuesday 16 January, the US attorney’s office in Colorado announced the shooter had been “charged today by an information with hate crimes and firearms charges related to the mass shooting” at the LGBTQIA+ nightspot.

Charges included five counts of killing with a firearm alongside a further 24 counts of using a firearm to commit a crime, according to the Washington Post.

Aldrich “murdered five people, injured 19 and attempted to murder 28 more in a willful, deliberate, malicious and premeditated attack” the release states. Daniel Aston, Raymond Green Vance, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Derrick Rump all tragically lost their lives at Club Q two years ago.

The shooter previously pleaded guilty to five counts of murder and 46 counts of attempted murder in June and has subsequently started serving life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“I intentionally and after deliberation caused the death of each victim,” they told judge Michael McHenry.

The new charges followed information that “alleges that Aldrich committed this attack because of the actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity of any person.”

A statement from the Office of Public Affairs shows that Aldrich has “filed a notice of disposition and requested the court schedule a change of plea hearing”. In consultation with the will of the victims, the change of plea and sentencing hearing was granted by the court on the same day.

At this time the court was informed that “it is anticipated that the defendant has agreed to plead guilty to all charges in the information”.

The statement confirmed: “The time for the entry of the guilty plea has not yet been set.”

On 24 October, Club Q announced plans to reopen under a new name at a new location to “send a strong message that hate will not win, love will always prevail.”

Club Q’s management team initially shared plans to reopen their doors at the same location with a memorial site for the people who had lost their lives.⁠

However, in a statement they shared to their website, the venue explained, “We have heard those that feel returning the building to the community this soon will hinder their healing process.⁠

“Club Q’s reopening sends a strong message that hate will not win, love will always prevail”⁠

With a mission to provide a new space of healing, they have decided to relocate to the Satellite Hotel in Southern Colorado Springs. The new venue will be known as The Q. ⁠

The club will also be managed and operated by survivors of the shooting.