A bisexual OnlyFans creator has been sentenced to prison by a Singaporean court after using the app.

Back in December, Titus Low was taken into custody on obscenity charges due to his longstanding activity on the popular website.

“The Police arrested a 22-year-old man on 29 December 2021 for offences under the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code in relation to the electronic transmission of obscene materials on an online platform – ‘OnlyFans,'” the police report said.

The press release also revealed that on 4 September 2021, a report was made against Low. This led to his phone and OnlyFans login details being confiscated in October and November of 2021.

While watching and streaming pornography isn’t a crime in Singapore, selling it in the conservative country is illegal.

Shortly after his arrest, Low uploaded his own statement to YouTube to give his side of the story.

During the eight-minute video, he condemned the conservative critics of his OnlyFans content.

“We only create content for people who are our age and wish to have content they want to see. And all of this is on the basis of everything is consensual. So we don’t force you to watch our content or force you to pay,” he said.

“It’s not open for public consumption, and if I don’t impede your life and your lifestyle, the person reported me, why are you impeding mine?”

On 11 October, Low’s legal woes took an alarming turn when a Singaporean court sentenced him to three weeks in prison.

According to CNN, the recent court decision stemmed from the 22-year-old breaching a police order that called for him to stay off the platform during their investigation.

However, according to his lawyer Kirpal Singh, Low’s content was “redistributed without his knowledge, authorisation or consent.”

“He has also not been posting on the platform and wants to finally move on from this episode,” he added in a statement.

In an additional interview with CNN, Low said he was ready to serve his sentence before stating that he was planning to “meditate a lot and read” while in custody.

When asked if he would be ending his OnlyFans career for good, the 22-year-old replied: “It wouldn’t be fair if the ban stayed. I love what I do, and it’s what I’m known for. My nudes are out there already.

“But that is also the nature of OnlyFans. Creators have little control over our material being leaked or recirculated without our knowledge, and that is not something I can control, but I will definitely be more careful going forward.”

Low’s prison sentence is expected to start on 26 October.