The Beats Studio range is the company’s original product. It’s the model that made premium over-ear headphones the must-have accessory, and defined an era where nearly every music video boasted a pair.

That was nearly 10 years ago now, but the original player is still the prized jewel in a much bigger, Apple-owned crown.

For its latest iteration, the Beats Wireless Studio3, the company’s original promise of premium style and sound quality is enhanced by Apple’s advanced technology to create the best version yet.

The fit is snug, which is vitally important for studio-quality headphones that could easily look way too big for casual wear. Add to that a new selection of matte finishes and a solid build, and they’re rocking more style than they have in a while. The monotone options offer subtle elegance worlds away from the more garish cases of previous Beats incarnations.

As we all well know, it’s not only the outside that matters, but most importantly what’s under the hood. This is where Apple come in.

Fitted with the Apple W1 chip means updated functionality – primarily making it easier than ever to hook up with your iPhone and iPad. Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity means a strong wireless link between your headphone and your device, and we’ve yet to experience a break in sound. Even from impressively far distances. Let’s just say walking upstairs while your device is downstairs isn’t a problem.

The newly-added Apple W1 chip also means incredible battery life. Actually, double the juice compared to its predecessor. It currently stands at 22 hours with Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling technology turned on, or 40 hours with it switched off. Fast Fuel charging offers three hours of playback from a quick 10-minute charge. Not bad at all.

Then there’s the updated Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) technology, which uses advanced algorithms to continuously monitor your environment. If it gets louder outside, your headset will automatically adjust to keep the sound consistent. It even takes into consideration any leakage that may be caused by hair, glasses, different ear shapes and movement of your head, and adjusts accordingly. It’s fairly responsive and makes listening to RuPaul’s What’s The Tee? podcast on a busy tube much easier than your average pair of headphones. Crank up Rihanna if you want to drown out the screaming kid.

While the Beats Studio range ushered in a new trend for premium headphones, many of its rivals have since overtaken them when it comes to sound quality. That being said, with the Studio3 model Beats have clawed back some of that lead.

It’s difficult to deny that listening to your favourite pop anthem on the Wireless Studio3’s is a great experience. To the everyday listener, the depth and detail is more than satisfactory. There’s the right amount of bass, and you will find yourself picking up textures in a song that you definitely missed the last time you listened to it on your average pair of headphones.

Some audiophiles might find fault, but most people will agree that the sound quality lives up to Beats’ premium tag.

Add to that all the on-ear controls that lets you adjust volume, pause, play, and skip tracks, along with an option to activate Siri, and you don’t even need to take them off. Not even when you receive a call as there’s a built in mic too.

Ultimately, the Beats Wireless Studio3 headphones are a welcome addition to the family, boasting decent sound, a sleek updated look and cosy new fit. There’s very little to complain about here.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re just going to pop a pair on, whack up the volume, and pretend we’re in our own music video.

The Beats Wireless Studio3 headphones are available to buy now from the Apple store priced at $349.95/£299.95.