Nick Karvounis via Unsplash

After almost 13 million Australians have voted on marriage equality, it looks like the Yes camp have won.

Voting has now closed for the historic same-sex marriage ballot, which has been ongoing as a postal vote in Australia since September.

There was a massive turnout for the vote, with 78.5% of eligible Aussies completing the non-binding surveys.

But as the final counting begins before the announcement on 15 November, The Guardian reports that 64% of those who voted backed Yes for same-sex marriage.

That is up 4% compared to similar polls that have been held in recent weeks.

On the flip side, it’s believed 31% have voted No.

That being said, voters over the age of 55 who were more likely to back No have said they have voted (94%), compared to those under the age of 35 (80%).

If the vote passes, the government will move to legislate the decision by 7 December.

The campaign has had its ugly moments though, with priests declaring ‘all gays should be shot’ and MPs telling LGBT+ people to “stop being delicate little flowers”.

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It meant that when a marriage equality flash mob in Melbourne took place, it was a much needed bit of light relief.

What’s more, Darcy Byrne, mayor of Sydney’s Inner West area, announced that if Australia said yes for the upcoming national survey, she would promise free use of public facilities as venues for same-sex marriages in the area.