Last year, the star also shared their queer identity with the world.

Brigette Lundy-Paine, who plays LGBTQ character Casey Gardner in Netflix’s Atypical, has come out as gender non-binary in an Instagram post.

In the post, which comprises of a picture of their cat, Brigette wrote: “I’m non-binary, always felt a lil bit boy, lil bit girl, lil bit neither. using they/them as of late n it feels right.

“scary af to come out n been rly putting this off. But I feel I owe it to myself and to all of us who struggle w gender. If you’re NB comment and celebrate yourself! u r beautiful and u r whole. thank u guys ily.”

The post has garnered over 205,000 likes and has a lot of supportive comments underneath. Their co-star, Nik Dodani, who plays Zahid on the show, wrote: “you are the most amazing human I know. my god I love you,” while many others wrote about how much they loved the star.

When Brigette came out as queer, they spoke about how their role in Atypical helped them come to terms with their sexual orientation. In the show, Brigette plays Casey, who is the sister of the autistic lead character, Sam.

“Sam feels like a deep part of myself that I am only now beginning to let out: the insecurities and the complete confusion with the system and the rules that have been laid out for him,” Brigette said.

And speaking about coming out to their family, they added: “I come from a very queer family. I think it was just like a teary phone call to my mom when I had my first girlfriend.

“And then after that it was kinda like, ‘Oh, I don’t have to really tell anybody else. I just date who I want and not have to put up with it.’

“I feel grateful to be part of such an expanding queer community. And there’s something about Atypical that feels part of that.”

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