Football players were forced to leave the pitch after being subjected to a sleuth of homophobic chants.

On Thursday (16 September), Cruz Azul and Monterrey players took the pitch to play in the Concacaf Champions League semi-final.

At the 64-minute mark, Cruz Azul fans began shouting homophobic slurs towards the field which resulted in the match coming to a halt.

The players from both teams were then forced to walk off the pitch and head to their respective locker rooms.

After 10 minutes, the match resumed and saw Monterrey winning the game with a 5-1 score.

This wasn’t the first time that homophobic behaviour was displayed during the tense match.

Earlier in the game, referee’s scolded fans after they were heard shouting the “goalkeeper chant” – which included the anti-gay slur “p**o.”

Shortly after the incident, the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association (Concacaf) released a statement condemning the fans’ anti-LGBTQ+ behaviour.

“Concacaf is extremely disappointed by the offensive and discriminatory language chanted by a large number of attending Cruz Azul fans during the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League Semifinal last night,” they said.

“We commend the referees for correctly activating the anti-discrimination protocol and the stadium security for ejecting hundreds of Cruz Azul fans when the match was paused.

“The Confederation has for several months proactively communicated to fans, through its What’s Wrong Is Wrong campaign, that these types of behaviours have no place in football.”

The organization went on to say that the Concacaf Disciplinary Committee has conducted an investigation into the incident.

“A further update will be provided following the conclusion of this process,” they said.

“Concacaf will continue to work with committed stakeholders to promote its competitions as welcoming to all fans and communities.”

Thursday’s incident comes months after Mexico fans were caught saying the same anti-LGBTQ+ slur during the Concacaf Gold Cup.

During the match between Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago, fans screamed the same goalkeeper chant which resulted in the match coming to a halt.

The fans’ behaviour not only halted matches but has also earned the Mexican National Team fines from the FIFA organization.

Due to the constant disciplinary actions, the team’s players released a video urging spectators from participating in homophobic chants.

“Guys, this is serious, if you chant something offensive, you’re out! Let’s end this right now for the love of the game!”