Alan Carr has spoken out after falling to the floor in pain during a comedy show in Glasgow on the evening of 10 July.

Many fans in the audience thought the incident was part of the sketch, with the Drag Race UK judge having to end his routine on crutches.

Later in the evening, he posted an image of himself icing his leg using frozen peas alongside a lighthearted caption which read: “If you came to the gig tonight you’ll know.”

Carr has since reassured concerned fans that he is doing well and that “shooting pains” were the cause of his unexpected collapse.

“There’s a bit in my routine where I pretend to be Jason Statham and I high-kicked and then I got the worst cramp ever,” he explained in a video posted to his Instagram.

“Oh my god, it was shooting pains and I was rolling around on the floor, and people thought it was part of the act.”

He also told his followers that he will be having “a bit of a rest” as he thinks he has “torn it”.

“Sorry, I put a very dramatic picture of me with some peas but I’m fine! I just felt silly rolling around on the floor,” Carr added. “I’ve never known pain like it!”

You can watch Alan’s full video explanation below or by clicking here.


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