Pop star Adam Lambert took to Instagram to condemn the online homophobic abuse targeting his partner, Oliver Gliese.

After the 41-year-old shared a photograph from a night out with his partner on Friday (4 August), online trolls responded with comments attacking Gliese’s appearance.

On Saturday (5 August), Lambert posted a lengthy message on his Instagram story, criticising the homophobic comments against his partner.

“Oli and I had a fun night out,” he began. “Lifts my spirits to see support in the comments. Also appalled to see the obnoxious homophobia and ignorance plaguing people.

“Oli identifies as a he. He has wicked style and refuses to conform to the societal norms regarding his fashion choices.”

Lambert continued to defend and praise his partner, who works in the fashion industry: “He is beautiful, brave and daring. He’s a leader not a follower. One of the many things I love about him!

“We are very happy together and if the haters don’t like it, we don’t really give a f***. Grow up and challenge yourself to explore tolerance. We are all just trying to stay happy and fulfilled with our lives.”

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Gliese himself also responded to the homophobia on his Instagram story.

“Let’s just highlight how disgusting people are in comment sections,” the 28-year-old stated. 

“And then we can all ask ourselves why people in the spotlight end their life too soon, are on antidepressants, having low self esteem, etc. Kindness never killed anyone!”

Lambert and Gliese have been going strong since they went public in 2021.