A gay couple suffered a violent homophobic attack just feet away from their flat in Basildon, Essex. 

Content warning: This story may include topics that could make some readers feel uncomfortable.

During the early hours of Sunday (10 October), Dan Wilson and his boyfriend Rob Morris were leaving the Colors nightclub when they were targeted by five men outside the venue.

The unknown assailants spewed homophobic language at the couple and then proceeded to kick, punch and stomp on them a couple of feet away from their flat.

In an interview with Echo News, Dan said he “thought they were going to die” when recounting the traumatising experience.

“It was terrifying, we didn’t know if they had any weapons,” he said.

Dan went on to say that the men may have targeted them due to Rob being in drag.

“Rob had been dress in drag at the time. We knew straight away they were coming straight for us,” he explained.

“We’re covered in cuts and bruises, and I’ve got cracked ribs. Rob came off worse, we had a heads stamped on by them.

“It was horrible. We’re so grateful for the couple who stepped in to help. They prevented it getting any worse.

“This kind of thing just shouldn’t be happening. Basildon is meant to be promoting the LGBT community.”

Shortly after the attack, the couple called Essex Police five times for assistance but responders failed to show up.

It wasn’t until the next day that the two received a response from the authorities.

Rob’s father, Dave Wilson expressed his disappointment with the police department, stating: “It’s horrible, I keep getting really upset about it.”

He continued: “These people need to be named and shamed. I’m completely lost for words at what happened. It’s disgusting.”

A spokesperson for Essex police has since come out to say that an investigation is currently underway.

“We are investigating after a man was assaulted in Southernhay, Basildon in the early hours of Sunday 10 October.

“The victim sustained a number of injuries after being attacked by a group of five people who also shouted homophobic abuse at him. An officer has been allocated to the investigation.

“We know how distressing these incidents are,” they continued. “At the time this incident was called into us, all our available officers were deployed elsewhere.

“We try to respond to as many calls as possible with officers attending as many incidents as possible.”