A new study has found that 56.5% of Grindr users believe they can find love on the popular dating app.

Compare the Market recently conducted a poll that surveyed over 2000 adults on their online dating habits and their beliefs towards finding love in the modern age.

One of the social media platforms they paid significant attention to was Grindr, discovering that a majority of users think it’s possible to find true love on the app. It also revealed that 24% of people who have used the dating app have been stood up.

Elsewhere, the study also discovered that 25-34-year-olds are the most optimistic about falling in love online with 34% responding “Yes, definitely” to the question “Do you think it’s possible to fall in love through an online dating site/app?”.

It also found that three in five people (59%) have had a bad experience with online dating, and the most common bad experience has been because of a boring first date.

Also, men are more likely to be stood up than women, with 20% claiming their date didn’t turn up or left early. In comparison, 14% of women have been stood up.

Another weird statistic showed that men are more likely than women to cause a date to be cut short, with 17% admitting to spilling wine on their date. Hmm.

See the results here.

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