Netflix has released the first trailer for its LGBTQ+ animated feature Nimona. 

On 19 May, the popular streamer surprised subscribers with a new teaser for the upcoming film – which is based on the hit graphic novel by ND Stevenson.

At the start of the minute-long trailer, Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz) begins to narrate a seemingly generic princess story. 

However things take a drastic turn when her fairytale character begins to wreak havoc on the fictional kingdom. 

“Oh, the humanity, who would do such a thing,” Nimona mimics a fake villager before she appears on the screen and says, “That would be me.” 

Towards the end of the teaser, an array of action scenes flash across the screen featuring Nimona shapeshifting into different animals. 

Shortly after the trailer was released, fans flocked to Twitter to express their excitement over the film. 

One fan wrote: “This movie looks gorgeous, I can’t wait!! Thrilled to finally have a trailer.” 

Another fan tweeted: “I can’t wait it’s going to be great. Just finished reading the book.”

Before its move to Netflix, the animated feature was set to be produced under Blue Sky Studios via Disney.

However in 2021, the studio and the film was unceremoniously shut down due to COVID-19 related financial hardships.

Directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, Nimona is set to follow the titular character – a shapeshifting teen – as she helps the former knight Balllister Blackheart destroy the insidious Institute.

The official synopsis reads: “When Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed), a knight in a futuristic medieval world, is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the only one who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona (Moretz), a mischievous teen with a taste for mayhem — who also happens to be a shapeshifting creature Ballister has been trained to destroy.

“But with the entire kingdom out to get him, Nimona’s the best (or technically the only) sidekick Ballister can hope for. And as the lines between heroes, villains, and monsters start to blur, the two of them set out to wreak serious havoc — for Ballister to clear his name once and for all, and for Nimona to… just wreak serious havoc.”

The movie is also set to feature an array of queer/gender-nonconforming characters and a same-sex kiss.

Check out the full trailer for Nimona here or below.