Harry Styles has opened up about his NSFW sex scenes in the upcoming film My Policeman.

Since 2021, fans have been waiting with bated breath to see the As It Was singer in the highly-anticipated LGBTQ+ drama.

During a recent interview with Captial FM’s Roman Kemp, the singer finally gave a few details regarding My Policeman and its “saucy” content.

When Kemp asked if the film or his other feature, Don’t Worry Darling, would be safe to watch with his parents, Styles warned that it might not be wise.

“I don’t know if you can watch either with your parents. I’m gonna have to do another one,” he revealed.

Later in the interview, Kemp asked if Styles used a netball during the aforementioned sex scenes – which actors like Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey have used.

“I personally had no experience with a netball. I think it depends very much on who you’re working with and what the situation is,” he said.

“All I can say from my own experience is that I was very lucky to have a very trusting relationship with the people that we were working with that kind of came first.


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“It was all discussed and all of it was very kind of, ‘Ok… above the filming, above everything else that’s happening with the cameras, with me and you, we’re doing this together, we trust each other and at any point we can stop and all that kind of stuff.'”

Based on the critically-acclaimed novel of the same name from Bethan Roberts, My Policeman follows schoolteacher Marion Taylor (Emma Corrin) and cop Tom Burgess (Styles) as they fall in love in 1950s Brighton.

However, at the same time, Tom becomes attracted to museum curator Patrick Hazlewood (David Dawson), which results in the two beginning a romantic relationship with one another.

But due to the social constraints of the era, Tom decides that it is safer for him to marry Marion, which leaves his two lovers to share him until one of them breaks.

The film will reportedly be told in flashbacks, with older versions of Tom, Patrick and Marion being played by Linus Roache, Rupert Everett and Gina McKee, respectively.

Although a release date has yet to be announced, the film is expected to premiere on Amazon Prime later this year.

Watch Harry Styles’ full Captial FM interview below.