Adam Lambert has praised Fairyland, a new film he stars in, for its depiction of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco during the 1970s.

The coming-of-age drama made its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on 20 January and was instantly met with critical acclaim.

“Arriving in San Francisco at the age of two, just after the death of her mother in a car accident in 1973, Alysia Abbott is raised by her father Steve Abbott, a poet and activist who comes out as gay,” the synopsis of Fairyland says. “As a teenager, she gradually discovers a world of artists and writers, but also the effects of the AIDS crisis when people around her contract the virus to which her father also falls victim.”

Discussing the movie, which is currently seeking distribution, Lambert told Collider: “I read [the memoir] and I thought it was beautiful.

“I’ve always loved San Francisco in the 70s, particularly the Castro [and] the gay liberation movement.

“My mom’s side of the family lived in the Castro during that time. It hits home for me. That was a very nostalgic era based on stories I’ve heard.”

He further explained that Fairling is “just so interesting” because of the way it brings the gay liberation movement side by side with a story about a single father raising a child.

“I thought it was so interesting to see those things mash together in such a beautiful way,” he added.

Lambert also highlighted that “queer stories and visibility are more important than ever” before.

“I missed that era by 10 years or so, but growing up in the shadow of it, the aftermath of it, the fear that was around sex and homosexuality permeated the 90s,” the singer said. “I was a kid but you could feel it. [In] anything you saw on TV about anything gay, everyone was freaked out because of what had happened.”

Fairyland also stars Emilia Jones, Nessa Dougherty, Scoot McNairy and Geena Davis, among others.

You can watch the cast discuss the movie below or by clicking here.