The first trailer for Down Low, starring Zachary Quinto and Lukas Gage, has been released – and it’s wildly outrageous.

The red band trailer for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s upcoming new comedy follows newly single Gary (Quinto) who is met by “a spirited and boundary-free sex worker” Cameron (Gage) for a massage, according to the synopsis.

“The pressure alright Gary?” Cameron says to a face down Gary on a masseuse bed at the opening of the trailer.

The repressed gay man has his first sexual experience with Gage and what follows is the opening of a whole new chaotic world of possibilities.

“How many guys have you done this with?” a curious Cameron asks Gary, to which he responds, “You’re the first guy that I’ve ever been intimate with. I had a wife, she left.”

“I really don’t know what to say, I mean words of affirmation really isn’t my love language,” Gage’s character continues, before he mimics giving head.

What follows is Gage’s character taking Quinto under his wing exploring what it means to be gay. The first stop of this plan is to organise a hookup via dating app called “Plungr” (think a Grindr-esque vibe).

However, when the hookup ends up dead, the two are inextricably linked in a surprisingly heartfelt, yet turbulent series of sex, drugs and dark web cleaners.

Quinto’s character reacts in panic, yet Gage responds: “No, accidents happen. It’s your first time being gay, did you think you weren’t going to make any mistakes?”

The trailer ends with a proclamation from Quentin’s character: “I am a cool, hot zaddy.”

Gage and Quinto are joined by a stellar cast, including Simon Rex, Audra McDonald and Judith Light.

Down Low has been described as “a zany, frenetic and horny comedy” by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Daily Beast goes on to describe the comedy as “chock full of tastelessness” and “incredibly funny and heartfelt,” by Buttered Popcorn.

Gage is best known for his role in The White Lotus and going viral with his queer sex scene in Netflix’s slasher series, You.

The actor made his debut in the fourth season of Netflix’s psychological thriller as Adam Pratt, a wealthy brat and the son of a rich East Coast family.

Down Low was collaboratively written by Gage and Phoebe Fisher and is directed by Rightor Doyle. It will be available to buy or rent on digital 10 October.

Catch the first trailer for yourself, by watching below.