Euphoria star Jacob Elordi is set to play the lover of Babylon’s Diego Calba in a new adaptation of On Swift Horses.

The star-studded production also features Daisy Edgar-Jones, Will Poulter and Sasha Calle, according to Deadline.

Based on the novel by Shannon Pufahl, the film follows newlyweds Muriel (Edgar-Jones) and Lee (Poulter) as they begin a new life together when he returns from the Korean War.

“However, this newfound stability is upended by the arrival of Lee’s charismatic younger brother, Julius (Elordi), a wayward gambler with a secret,” a description of the film reads.

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“A dangerous love triangle is quickly formed, as the three vow to start a new life together in California, but their bid for the American Dream is blown apart when Julius disappears and heads for Las Vegas instead,” it continues. “Muriel embarks on a secret life of her own, gambling on racehorses and discovering a love she never thought possible.”

Calva and Elordi will be lovers in On Swift Horses, with the two reportedly having “pretty hot scenes” together.

Daniel Minahan will serve as the director, with Peter Spears and Mollye Asher producing.

On Swift Horses is yet to be given a release date.