Bros producer Guy Branum opened up about his initial distrust of Nicholas Stoller directing the film’s gay sex scenes. 

At the end of October, LGBTQ+ moviegoers in the UK will finally be treated to the historic queer rom-com.

Written by Billy Eichner and Stoller (Neighbors), with the latter also directing the film, Bros has been billed as the first gay rom-com to be produced by a major Hollywood studio.

The film is also set to feature an entirely LGBTQ+ principal cast, including Jim Rash, Bowen Yang, Guillermo Díaz, Ts Madison, Miss Lawrence, Harvey Fierstien, Symone and Benito Skinner, among others.

With Bros now playing in the US, co-producer Branum spoke to Page Six about the LGBTQ+ comedy and making sure the film’s straight director created “hot” sex scenes.

“I was there every day for some of the sex scenes. Our director is straight, and I was like, ‘Someone needs to tell you [if it’s] hot or not,'” he told the publication. 

“I think a straight woman could do it. I think there’s some straight men who could do it… but I need to double-check Nicholas Stoller’s work.”

Towards the end of his interview, Branum praised the film for its authenticity, specifically regarding its gay club scene. 

“I do love that they made a gay club seem and feel like a real gay club. I thought it was very helpful that there was 500 writhing men there the whole time,” he added. 

Branum’s comments come a few weeks after Luke Macfarlane, opened up about his own experience filming the aforementioned sex scenes.

“Nowadays, there’s always an intimacy coordinator, so that’s really interesting. I think, specifically, we had an LGBT coordinator, so they were familiar with language that might be a little bit different,” Luke explained to Variety’s Mark Malkin.

“It’s like any scene with any actor, you figure it out with your scene partner; what you’re going to be comfortable with, and I’ve always been really comfortable with Billy. Comedy is funny that way, because you want to push it a little bit.”

Bros is now playing in US cinemas and due for release on 28 October in the UK.

Watch the trailer here or below.