Arts and culture-loving brand, Aries, will be releasing an exclusive 13-piece collection with YOOX dropping on 7 March.

Aries is a non-gendered, luxury streetwear brand created in London and made in Italy. The capsule collection with YOOX comes as no surprise, given that it is the leading online store for long-lasting fashion, art and design.

The collection is inspired by the pronoun ‘they’. “When a simple pronoun becomes a symbol of a great change and inclusivity with an important message to spread: being free to live without problems, without ever feeling excluded,” the brands explained.

The lookbook, shown below, reflects the concept of the capsule: brothers, sisters, couples and friends, who share the same wardrobe, showing that gender does not represent a barrier.

Expressing yourself without the need to label yourself is one of Aries’ pillars, which, funnily enough, is also manifested in this collection through pillar motifs on some of the garments. 

The collection has an air of an intense inclusive spirit and unfailing avant-garde, looking at the future and breaking down any preconceptions.

Available exclusively on YOOX, the collection is made up of street-style pieces, unisex garments and accessories that speak to new generations. 

Sweatshirts, t-shirts and baseball caps are among some of the garments available from the collection, as well as tops and leggings with technical fabrics and activewear-style details. 

Aries’ iconic Tie Dye technique is also available on some of the garments in the collection, along with a classic suit.

“No Problemo” and “They Arise” as a slogan-manifesto, refined fabrics combined with more common materials, tailoring-inspired essentials and unusual cuts: a mix-and-match that fully represents the mentality of the London based brand and its strong, yet delicate vision.

You can find more information and the collection on the YOOX website here.