Essential. Bold. Unique. That’s the motto and attitude to charge into Spring with thanks to Palm Angels’ latest trainer drop.

Focusing on creating a wardrobe staple, that will stand the test of time for many seasons to come, the new Palm One trainer is a must have piece for fashion fiends. Thanks to its luxe white leather and bright colour accents, the trainer is versatile in style.

Treat the sneaker like your new trusted white tee. It’s inoffensive and trusted nature will be the staple that you return to again and again when achieving a laid back, effortless look.

No frills are needed. Leaving you to express your own personality and signature walk this season. 

The optic white is juxtaposed to the tab, presented in different bright colours, embossed with the iconic palm symbol and a golden logo appears on the side. No detail is left to chance.

The visual campaign created by photographer Lea Colombo expresses the spirit of the Palm One: audacious and dynamic. Models are seen baring all, stripping back the excess to give room to the raw and real.

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