So you thought you were being avant-garde when you tucked in one side of your shirt per last season’s styling rule?

Alas, stand aside you basic bitch, because this season’s outerwear offerings are not for the faint-hearted.

Think wrapped in plastic or enshrouded in leopard…

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC plastic layered double breasted coat – Shop Now

At first we hated it, then we questioned it (like srsly wtf, why?) and now… we kind of like it. Who would have thought that a plastic wrapped wool coat would grow on us? Well not us that’s for sure, but it did and now we want to make it the squeaky addition to everything we own.

J.W. Anderson chunky knit sleeve coat – Shop Now

There really are no objections to this coat – it’s a huge wooly jumper and a cosy coat all in one. It’s basically the super chic alternative to leaving the house in a duvet, and that we can get on board with.

Gucci floral embroidered checked coat – Shop Now

Take some classic checks, make them acid bright and then add some floral embroidery on top and you have this Gucci coat. Are you brave enough?

MP Massimo Pimobo oversized eco-fur dressing gown coat – Shop Now

Into bears?

This winter all we want to do is snuggle up with a big hairy one. The coat, we mean. The coat.

Berthold double collar coat – Shop Now

Oooh, white? On the tube? On a London street? In real life in general? It’s a tricky one, but if you can manage to stay clean for more than 15 minutes we applaud you.

Saint Laurent leopard print shearling coat – Shop Now

This one might not be as outré as say, being wrapped in plastic, but leopard print is basically the equivalent of wearing women’s lingerie to some guys. We’d say this one is pretty easy to style out with some skinny jeans and boots this winter.

Loewe St Journal trench coat – Shop Now

Put a chic cowboy spin on the British classic with this suede option from Loewe. Again, a relatively wearable option, unless wearing a shade of pink is one step too far for you, then no, just no.