Spoken word poet, activist, and model Kai Isaiah Jamal stars in new campaign for Filippa K ‘What lies Within’.

Filippa K debuts its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection with the new campaign “What Lies Within”.

Taking inspiration from the rollercoaster that has been the last year, the designs shed excess and fuss and return to the brand’s core values of authenticity, confidence, and simplicity.

The minimal aesthetic provides the perfect canvas for the wearer to explore their own sense of style and expression. 

The campaign is fronted by queer model and poet Kai, whose approach to life and art echoes the values of the collection.

The activist pens a poem which titles the campaign and collection. The poem describes the power that clothing has to define us: the simplest details can hold the memories that make up who we are, and give us the confidence to be our authentic selves.

Read the poem below and explore the collection here.


Written and performed by Kai Isaiah Jamal

I wish you fabric that blows and whispers in the wind and an unending piece of string.

I wish you a red string, tied from your heart to your sleeve, a coordinate on where to wear it.

I wish you a silk shirt dancing in the breeze

and a body that lets you bare it.

I wish you a frayed hem

if nothing more but a reminder we all have things to work on. I wish you too a frayed hem that needs none.

For any pile of cotton can be named a mess;

A test of who is touching

or tidying.

A test of what they have felt before.

A test of what they are yet to.

I wish you fabric that smells like memories you refuse to lose. I wish you a life that renews like second skin.

I wish you an undying softness upon skin

so you’ll never forget what lies within.