Drag Race fans rejoice! RuPaul’s massive drag empire is set to expand into more international territories.

Since its debut in 2009, the beloved franchise has ruled the pop culture sphere with its incredible drag talent, sickening runways, and hilarious maxi-challenges. 

Over the course of 12 years, Drag Race has produced 14 mainstay seasons, numerous spinoffs – including All Stars and Secret Celebrity Drag Race – and various international iterations.

Now it looks like World of Wonder and Mama Ru have set their sights on expanding the Drag Race gospel to different areas of the Asian market. 

On 14 November, the production company announced that they would be working with Hong Kong-based distributor O4 Media to release versions of the popular series in South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and India (per Entertainment Weekly). 

In a statement, World of Wonder co-founder Fenton Bailey said: “O4 Media [has] a strong reputation and great contacts across Asia. It is really important to us that Drag Race is supported by a passionate team as we identify the right broadcast and production partners across Asia.

“We know we are in great hands, and we are excited to be bringing Drag Race to audiences across Asai and sharing in the joy of all things drag!” 

O4 Media founder Gary Pudney echoed similar sentiments in his own statement. 

“We’re super excited to be involved with a format that champions diversity and inclusivity at such a high level,” he said. “Having already been produced in nearly 20 countries and with a huge number of international awards under its belt, we can’t wait to make a difference and expand on Drag Race productions in Asia.” 

The forthcoming iterations join existing or confirmed international versions of the franchise –including Drag Race Thailand, Drag Race Philippines, Chile’s The Switch Drag Race, Canada’s Drag Race, Drag Race Holland, Drag Race UK, Drag Race España, Drag Race Down Under, Drag Race France, Drag Race Italia, Drag Race Belgique, Drag Race Brazil, Drag Race Germany, and Drag Race Mexico. 

The news of the show’s expansion comes a few days after Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World released its first trailer. 

Like Drag Race UK vs the World, the series will see nine queens from the aforementioned global editions go head to head as they compete to become the second Queen of the Mothertucking World.

Competing on the season will be Anita Wigl’it, Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Rita Baga, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Stephanie Prince, Vanity Milan and Victoria Scone.

Judging it will be Brooke Lynn Hytes, Brad Goreski and Traci Melchor.

Check out the sickening trailer for Canada vs the World here or below.