Well it’s time, ladies. Time for a new group of drag queens to enter the world.

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the season 16 queens partake in the time-honored tradition of drag makeovers. Season after season, queens have given birth to drag performers on the show. This has included everyone from gay elders to school teachers and even friends. The challenge has been around since the first season of the show, birthing at least one long-term drag performer (Nebraska Thunderfuck, made over by Alaska in season 5 still appears in drag and is dating Derrick Barry.) For the season 16 girlies, they’re tasked to makeover the dancers from RuPaul’s Drag Race Live in Las Vegas.

As an aside, I saw Drag Race Live years ago and it really is a great show if you’re ever in Vegas.

In this week’s preview, the queens return and decompress from the elimination of resident Brooklyn alt queen Dawn. They kick things off playing Drag Race Monopoly (Ru loves a product placement) before the backup dancers are introduced. The job is simple: make these men into members of your drag family.

There’s no telling how this will turn out (Morphine Love Dion is an amazing makeup artist, but Nymphia Wind and Sapphira Cristal both have tons of drag children). Until the episode officially debuts, we at least have the Instagram handles of all the Pit Crew to ogle. 

Check out all the featured Drag Race Live Pit Crew Members Instagram accounts linked in to their name below. You’re welcome.