Drag Race star Alaska has shared her opinion on All Stars 9’s biggest flaw.

On 17 May, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Gottmik, Jorgeous, Nina West, Plastique Tiara, Roxxxy Andrews, Shannel and Vanessa Vanjie returned to our TV screens for the ninth season of the beloved Drag Race spin-off.

Like previous All Stars seasons, the queens take part in various challenges – including the popular Snatch Game – to secure the crown and a coveted spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame.”

However, instead of taking home a cash prize, the contestants are fighting to receive a $200,000 charitable donation to an organisation of their choice – provided by The Palette Fund.

In addition to the charity format, season nine features a no-elimination twist. Instead, the top All Star of the week is granted the power to “cut off” one of their fellow queens from receiving a Beautiful Benefactress Badge – similar to All Stars 7‘s platinum plunger.

While the new batch of episodes has featured stunning looks, shocking moments and creative challenges, some viewers have taken issue with the season’s somewhat low-stakes format.

One fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “The problem w/ no eliminations is there’s no punishments so the girls dnt work as hard to not end up safe/bottom.”

Another viewer added: “Yeah, idk if I’m gonna watch this entire season of Drag Race. No eliminations, pointless/waste of time judges’ critiques, playing for charity with literally no stakes. Like honestly, what is the point?”

Fans haven’t been the only ones to critique the no-elimination twist.

During a recent episode of Race Chaser, Drag Race winner Alaska described the lack of eliminations as one of the season’s unforeseen issues.

“The girls are tired of the shooting schedule and a little annoyed at having to be there,” the All Stars 2 star explained while recapping the National Drag Convention episode.

Alaska then pointed out Gottmik and Vanessa Vanjie’s reserved demeanour during Untucked as a prime example of the queens not liking the new format.

“I think that this speaks to one of the issues that maybe was unforeseen with a season where no one goes home,” she said.

“The girls who are kind of in the middle, who aren’t doing bad, but just aren’t the featured players this week, they know it, and so they’re like… bored.

“They’re like, ‘Well f**k it, what am I gonna do? I’m not gonna give if it’s not my episode, I’m done for the day. I’m not in the top, there is no bottom.'”

While the usual All Stars elimination method has been axed for season nine, the Ruby Snippers twist has created its fair share of drama between Angeria, Roxxxy and Gottmik.

You can watch the first seven episodes of Drag Race All Stars 9 on Paramount Plus in the US, and WOW Presents Plus in the UK.