Ts Madison has addressed fan pushback over her recent Drag Race season 16 appearance. 

Spoilers ahead 

On the latest episode of the long-running series, the five remaining queens were tasked with giving drag makeovers to Jonathan, Mark, Miguel, Nick and Sebastian – Pit Crew dancers from the Las Vegas show RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!

“You need to transform these handsome hoofers into devastating drag queens,” Ru exclaimed, resulting in overjoyed reactions from Morphine Love Dion, Nymphia Wind, Plane Jane, Q, and Sapphira Cristál 

After the contestants were paired off with their respective dancers, Mama Ru delivered one final twist. 

“Alright, queens, the judges will be looking for a strong drag family resemblance. Oh, and one more thing, you know it would be a shame to have these world-class dancers here and not take advantage of their talent,” Ru cheekily said. 

“So together, each pair needs to choreograph a breakout dance moment to debut on the main stage.”

With the rules officially laid out, the queens wasted no time making over the handsome Pit Crew in addition to learning their unique dance routines. 

Following some rehearsal hijinks and heartfelt moments in the workroom, the sickening drag pairs hit the main stage to show off their “Drag Family Resemblance” ensembles.

While most of the queens impressed the judges with their outfits, rotating judge Ts Madison expressed her disappointment over Nymphia wearing yellow instead of stepping out of the box.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to see you outside of yellow because I haven’t been here every single week. I would have loved to see you wear what she has on,” Ts explained. 

“The creation, this is your daughter. I really would have loved to see you look at yourself.”

Even though the critique had no effect on Nymphia’s overall placement in the challenge, a handful of disgruntled “fans” took to social media to slam Ts over her observation.

Fortunately, the Zola star didn’t let the unnecessary pushback get her down. 

On 30 March, Ts took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to clap back at the online trolls with a pointed and unapologetic message. 

“Listen #DragRace Family…. You may not have liked my critique last night, and it’s ok. I get to see the Girlz throughout the season and not every challenge! I truly enjoy watching the girls become stars and launching themselves into a life of superstardom,” the ‘Cozy’ artist wrote. 

“BUT YOU MUTHAF***IN STANS THAT THINK YOU CAN AGGRESSIVELY HANDLE ME……. Better do some EXTENSIVE research… I WILL F**K YOU UP on ANY GIVEN DAY…. And whoop yo ass LIVE. Play wit yo Drag… NOT ME. I’m not RUPAUL… I’m her HOOD Daughter…Everybody say love.”

It didn’t take long for fans to flock to Ts’ mentions to shower her with supportive messages.

One person wrote: “YES Ms Madison the Stans need an ADDITUDE CHECK!!!!!” 

Another fan tweeted: “It’s wild that these people will demand that you be a full-time judge one minute (which you deserve) and then turn on you for making ONE mild critique about a color that didn’t even change her placement on the challenge.”

A third fan added: “IMAGINE if Nymphia put her daughter in the yellow and she wore the purple… Immediate recognition of the brand Nymphia has made while SIMULTANEOUSLY going out of the box HERSELF… It’s a very smart piece of advice IMO.”

As previously mentioned, Ts’ critique did not affect Nymphia’s placement. In fact, the talented queen ended up safe alongside Q and challenge winner Plane. 

On next week’s episode of Drag Race, the top four finalists will be tasked with writing memoirs. Acclaimed journalist Ronan Farrow will appear as a guest judge. 

Drag Race season 16 is available to stream on WOW Presents Plus and MTV.