The latest episode of Drag Race All Stars 9 featured another batch of shocking twists, and fans are gagged. 

Major spoilers ahead. 

Following last week’s shocking Ruby Snippers moment, which featured Angeria Paris VanMichaels cutting off Roxxxy Andrews for a second time, the queens returned to the werkroom to reflect on the dramatic exchange.

While settling on the couches, Roxxxy opened up about receiving the Ruby Snippers again, explaining that she expected to get cut because she had the most badges.

However, the Florida-based queen claimed that Angeria was playing a different game than she was, insinuating that her decision was personal.

“I don’t believe it’s just for badges. I’m not going to buy it. So I’m good,” she added.

While Angeria attempted to explain her decision process and refute Roxxxy’s claims, the latter cut her off, reiterating that she was “good”. 

When Nina West asked Roxxxy to clarify what type of game she thinks Angeria is playing, the former claimed that the Southern talent’s selection process was dramatic and acted out.

“Literally, I expected you to just go, ‘Snip, snip bitch,'” Roxxxy explained. “It was too many dramatics. I didn’t come here for all that.” 

In response, Angeria doubled down on not knowing who she would pick.

“I was not faking it. No, bitch. Like, girl, I was stalling. I also owed Gottmik because she cut me off. So, girl, I ain’t even know who I was gonna choose,” the Drag Race season 14 star said in a confessional.

The conversation then changed to the number of Beautiful Benefactress badges the queens have, resulting in Plastique Tiara revealing that she held three.

“At the beginning of the competition, I don’t think anyone anticipated me excelling in these challenges,” Plastique said in a confessional.

“So, I’ve been flying under the radar and sneaking to the top like a ninja, and now I feel so strong. At the same time, absolutely, I am a target now.”

The next day, the ladykins returned to the workroom to meet with RuPaul, who tasked them with a mini challenge in which they transported fruit to baskets using only their thighs.

In the end, Nina was named the winner and granted immunity from being cut off by the Ruby Snippers.

With their fruit baskets cleared, Ru asked the queens to tap into their inner on-screen diva for their seventh maxi-challenge.

“This week, you get to unleash your inner bitch as we pay tribute to classic camp movies, like Valley of the Dolls, Mildred Pierce and Mommie Dearest, Dynasty, The Boys in the Band, All About Eve, The Mirror Cracked and Michelle Visage’s favourite, Showgirls in the original short film Meeting in the Ladies Room,” she revealed.

“Each of you will be co-starring in a scene with one of the biggest bitches working in Hollywood today: me. Now, I’ll leave you with your scripts. Your parts have already been assigned and created just for you.”

After Ru left the workroom, the ladies wasted no time getting to know their outrageous characters.

During the creative process, Gottmik opened up to Vanessa Vanjie and Angeria about the emotional rollercoaster she was on last week during the judges’ critiques and Untucked – describing it as really hard.

“It was just like, damn, that’s so sad to hear. And I can’t even communicate back because I’m gonna cry, and I don’t even cry that much, so having that emotion, I was, like, figuring that out,” she explained.

In a confessional, Gottmik gave further insight into her internal battle with embracing her emotions. 

“We’ve all heard that boys don’t cry. I even have it tattooed on me,” she said. 

“You look up ‘trans guy’ and it’s just the most buff, masculine guy you’ve ever seen in your life. So I put a lot of pressure on myself to be what society tells us masculine is. Boys do cry, gorge, and that’s fine.”

With their roles fully absorbed, faces painted, and dramatic ensembles zipped up, the queens headed to the soundstage to film their scenes for Meeting in the Ladies Room.

While a few of the queens initially struggled to work past their nerves, they all delivered stellar material that made their scene partner, RuPaul, go into fits of laughter.

After filming, the ladies returned to the werkroom to prepare for the runway.

When speaking about their performances, Shannel revealed to Angeria that she didn’t feel confident with her work this week.

“RuPaul didn’t seem to be laughing too much. It threw me off a bit. I don’t feel overly positive going into this, though. I am my own worst critic, for sure,” she said.

On the other side of the werkroom, Vanjie asked Gottmik if she was feeling any better, to which the latter admitted that the challenge and her interaction with Ru helped her let go.

“I’ve never really opened up and dealt with my emotions the way I have been here, and this experience has really made me want to fight for Trans Lifeline even more than I wanted to before,” Gottmik added in a confessional.

“I mean, feeling really sad and feeling really alone is something that you can literally call Trans Lifeline about. They are here for you to talk it out.”

Before heading out of the workroom, Vanjie asked Roxxxy and Angeria if they were on better terms after their tense exchange. 

In response, Roxxxy confirmed that there was no animosity between them, adding: “I just needed to sleep, and then the next day I was like, ‘You know what? It probably wasn’t an easy decision for her.’

“And I apologize. I can’t tell people how to feel ’cause I had an emotional week the week before.”

After wrapping up their gossip session, the queens strutted to the main stage to watch the Meeting In The Ladies Room sketches and showcase their best “Widow, Weep For Me” ensembles.

During the judges’ critiques, all of the queens received praise from Ru and company for their performances and runway ensembles.

However, Nina and Angeria were announced as the top two All Stars of the week, resulting in them delivering a sickening lip sync to the late Teena Marie’s iconic track ‘Lovergirl’. 

Following a performance full of twists, turns, comedic dance moves and fierce floor choreography, Ru named Angeria the winner.

While all the signs pointed to her choosing Plastique, the Atlanta-based queen surprised the judges’ panel and her fellow contestants when she cut Gottmik.

Shortly after the episode aired, fans flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their reactions to the shocking episode.

One fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “Angeria cutting Gottmik the gag.”

Another fan echoed similar sentiments, writing: “Omg Angeria is so unserious, I love her.”

Another viewer added: “They tried to play on her top but now she at the top! #DragRace #AllStars9 Angeria! I got yo back girl!”

Next week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9, the queens will be tasked with creating runway eleganza ensembles that take inspiration from one of RuPaul’s songs.

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