Yvie Oddly revealed that they hated re-watching their All Stars season, because they felt their presentation was “lobotomised”.

In an interview with Them, Yvie said negative critiques from the judges that “forced to [them] question whether or not I fit into this specific world” were cut from the final edit.

“I was really disappointed having to go through this experience again, because I felt like there was a lack of any sort of reality or humanity in what I got,” she explained.

This was despite success as winner of season 11 and a firm fan favourite.

They were confused by this and added: “I thought we already played out that I’m the weirdo.

“I’m going to do the drag that got me here in the first place, and that it’s not going to be the curvy woman body fantasy…Drag is so much bigger than that.”

The star further described their portrayal in the edit as “lobotomised and presented as some goofy big-dicked mascot, bravely laughing through my chronic illness, happy to be along for the ride.”

They were diagnosed with an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome age 15, a genetic chronic illness that affects connective tissues in the body.

This can cause hypermobility, stretchy, fragile skin, and chronic fatigue and/or pain.

The 29-year-old said this limited representation made them feel dehumanised: “I felt like there was a lack of any sort of reality or humanity … it kind of felt like a caricature.”

The performer, who released a studio album in 2020, explained that the experience was not how they expected to be.

“Coming back is supposed to be [about] giving you a platform to celebrate what you do and show who you are. It was very strange for me to have people who were treating me like it was my first time, like this is my first experience, like I’m a baby all over again,” they shared.

Yvie confessed that despite the difficulties they had during their initial season of Drag Race, due to negative responses on social media and conflict with the other contestants (who they described as “pageant bitches”), it was still easier to relive this season than their most recent appearance.

After filming wrapped, they took to Instagram to criticise the framing of their experience on the show, which emphasised friendship and positivity, contradictory to their account of the process.

The star is scheduled to perform at G-A-Y’s New Years Eve party in London.