Did the right queen sashay away?

Drag Race season 13 episode 10 was a doozy that left fans feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.

Kicking off the show, author and internationally renowned medium, Char Margolis, stopped by the Drag Race studios to give the remaining queens a psychic pow wow.

After “poofing” to the main stage, Char gave the girls readings, which ranged from pointing out a crush between Denali and Rosé to medium interactions involving Tina Burner’s dad and Utica’s pet cow.

The mystical gathering was cut short once Tina Burner asked the psychic if she knew who would be in the top four and ultimately the winner of this season.

After their meeting, Mother Ru informed the girls that she will be pairing each of the contestants with a queen that they can learn the most from – under Char’s suggestion.

The pairs consisted of Olivia Lux and Denali, Tina Burner and Rosé, Symone and Utica, and Gottmik and Kandy Muse.

RuPaul then tasked the girls with the competition’s infamous makeover maxi-challenge, but due to COVID, the girls would be making over each other rather than a stranger.

The queens wasted no time getting to work, with the majority of the pairings getting on, except for the occasional prickly exchange between Tina Burner and Rosé.

From runway practices to heart to hearts, the queens grew, evolved and gained a deeper understanding of each other.

When it came time to the runway challenge, the girls slayed from top to bottom.

The judges praised Gottmik, Kandy Muse, Symone, Utica, Rosé, and Tina Burner for their ability to embody each other’s personalities and signature lewks.

But Olivia Lux and Denali fell short, with the judges commenting on both queens not embodying each other to the fullest.

After the runway challenge, Mother Ru asked the queens who they think should go home.

The majority of the queens voted for Olivia to go home with Denali choosing Kandy Muse.

Utica and Symone and their incredible lewks won the maxi-challenge leaving Olivia and Denali to lip-sync for their lives.

The two queens slayed their lip-sync performance to Mary Mary’s gospel track Shackles.

Ultimately Olivia Lux ended up on top, with Denali sashaying away.

“I did want this so badly. I can’t help but think that I went home too early. But I’m beyond proud of everything that I’ve done here,” Denali explained.

“I’ve made it to the Olympics so watch out because I’m ready to slice and dice and win gold medals.”

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