Jonbers Blonde has revealed her planned character for Drag Race UK vs the World’s second edition of Snatch Game.

For the third episode of the beloved UK-based series, Mama Ru tasked the queens with creating a unique attraction for the new immersive experience, “Drag Race World.”  

“Each team will produce and star in a video that sells their unique experiences using the latest in green screen technology darling,” Ru informed the queens. 

Split into three teams – which were led by La Grande Dame, Keta Minaj, and Choriza May – the contestants delivered an array of bizarre yet comedic videos that sold the “Drag Race World” fantasy. 

While the judges praised Tia Kofi, Scarlet Envy and Gothy Kendall for their maxi-challenge performances, Jonbers’ work failed to impress Ru and company – which resulted in her landing in the bottom two alongside Keta.

After Scarlet and Tia’s showstopping lip-sync to Kim Petras’ hit track ‘Future Starts Now,’ the Northern Irish drag talent was selected as the queen to sashay away from the competition.

Following her elimination, Jonbers opened up to GAY TIMES about all things Drag Race UK vs the World season two, including the festive character she was going to play on next week’s Snatch Game.

“So, I was going to do Mrs Claus. I had two options. I was either going to do it like she had loads of surgery because it was the first time anybody was going to see her – it was Jocelyn Wildenstein as Mrs Claus – or that she just hated Christmas,” she explained.  

The Drag Race UK season four star also revealed the backup character she had lined up in case Mrs Claus didn’t work out. 

“Then my second choice was Jackie Stallone. I love astrology and medium-ship, and she’s a huge astrologer. Do you know she used to read people’s bumholes?” Jonbers continued. 

“Google it! I mean, how genius is that? ‘Let me read this bumhole and see what I can get from it. I’m getting a good aura from your bumhole.'” 

While fans won’t be treated to Jonbers’ Mrs Claus or Jackie impersonations on DRUK vs the World’s upcoming Snatch Game episode, she expressed her hopes to debut them on a future season of Drag Race. 

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll come back at some point. Never say no… I feel like there’s more to be seen. Here’s hoping,” she said. 

You can watch our full interview with Jonbers Blonde here or below.