Drag Race UK star Kate Butch has spilt the tea on which season five moment shocked her the most. 

For this week’s episode, the queens were tasked with making over volunteers from Switchboard, the lifeline service that has provided vital support and signposting help to the LGBTQIA+ community since 1974.

Due to her maxi-challenge win in episode seven, Kate was tasked with pairing the queens with their respective workers. 

As a result, the Buxton-based queen paired Tomara Thomas with Gemma, DeDeLicious with Jamie, Ginger Johnson with Rodrigo, Michael Marouli with Peter, and Xan with herself. 

While most of the queens and their Switchboard partners delivered showstopping Family Resemblance looks, DeDeLicious and Kate failed to wow the judges, resulting in their placement in the bottom two. 

After an electric lip-sync to Rina Sawayama’s iconic song ‘This Hell,’ Ru asked Kate to sashay away from the competition, which did not go over well with fans. 

One X (formerly known as Twitter) user wrote: “Cara Melle robbed last week, Kate Butch robbed this weeek wtf.” 

Another fan wrote: “No one talk to me, I’m missing @thekatebutch rn.”

Following her elimination, the beloved talent opened up to GAY TIMES about all things Drag Race UK season five, including the moment that shocked her the most.


“I have to say Cara Melle’s elimination. I’ll be honest, a lot of people have general inklings as to who’s going to be on, and I heard that Cara was going to be there. We knew it was a matter of time, she’s a legend,” she revealed.

“I was like, ‘Okay, that’s the winner. I’ll do little funny bits in my corner and camp around a bit, just watch Cara shine.’ It was a big shock to all of us.” 

Kate went on to say that while Cara was writing her workroom mirror message, the group sat in a holding room in complete and utter shock. 

“We were all in silence, holding each other’s hands, just wide-eyed staring into space like, ‘The legend herself has gone and the competition has blown wide open,'” she added. 

Towards the end of her statement, Kate expressed her hopes of seeing the beloved talent on a future season of All Stars. 

“Never in a million years did anyone think I would get an episode further than Cara. She’s got a work visa to be in America, so I think she should be on an All Stars in America. Please,” she said. 

“I think we should all be on an All Stars. It’s one of the strongest casts, I would say, where we all bring something and have talent and charisma and excitement.” 

Drag Race UK season five is streaming now on BBC iPlayer. 

You can watch our entire interview with Kate Butch here