The queens headed to The Daytona Wind universe on this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15.

Spoilers ahead.

For this week’s maxi challenge, the queens were asked to dust off their acting chops and star in a reboot of the iconic Drag Race soap opera, The Daytona Wind.

“Now, the action still centers around three feuding Drag Race dynasties. But this time, we’re serving the show sitcom style,” Ru explained. 

Since Aura Mayari won last week’s challenge, Ru tasked her with assigning the queens their parts. 

“This is going to be fun. Should I sabotage somebody? Should I?” she said in a confessional. 

Shortly after Ru left the workroom, the queens gathered in a circle so Aura could hand off the parts. 

Like previous acting challenges, the group hit a roadblock due to multiple queens vying for the same part, which in this case, was the role of Fancy Michaels – the town’s classiest prostitute and Big Daddy’s mistress.

However unlike Metal Gate, Aura nipped the situation in the bud by taking the iconic part for herself. 

Fortunately, assigning the remaining roles proved to be an easy process for the queens. 

In addition to Aura’s Fancy, The Daytona Wind reboot cast consisted of Mistress Isabelle Brooks as Widow Davenport, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx as The Reverend, Luxx Noir London as Leo, Spice as Diandra, Jax as Jackson, Sasha Colby as Maxie, Anetra as Cousin George, Marcia Marcia Marcia as Cousin Dodie, Salina EsTitties as “Aint” Haddie Ruth and Loosey La Duca as Lizzadene. 

After practising their assigned roles – which featured Aura and Mistress switching their parts – the queens met up with Ru to film the series. 

While most of the queens delivered hilarious performances, Jax, Aura, and Spice struggled to connect with their southern belle characters. 

The next day, the ladies entered the workroom energised and ready to see their Daytona Wind scenes.

While Mistress and Malaysia had a rocky week due to the Untucked/Metal Gate debacle, the pair squashed their beef with a heartfelt conversation. 



“I know that last week was like a rocky patch for us. I know you probably didn’t get a clear understanding in that moment,” Malaysia explained. 

“And I know that we play a lot, especially, like, coming from like, the pageant background like we read, and we throw jokes… but when it came to that particular challenge, I just felt you just wasn’t being nice. 

In response, Mistress said: “For me, I just didn’t want it to feel like Luxx, and I were being bullies or were being malicious because I think that verbiage of that can really be misconstrued.” 

With Mistress and Malaysia on good terms, the queens headed to the runway to show off their unique “Puff” designs and watch their Daytona Wind performances – which featured a surprise cameo from actor Danny Trejo. 

In the end, Aura, Jax, Spice, Mayalsia, Mistress, Marcia and Anetra were announced as the top and bottoms of the week. 



During critiques, Ru, Michelle, Carson Kressley and guest judge Harvey Guillén praised Malaysia, Mistress, and Anetra for their gagworthy performances. Unfortunately, Jax, Aura and Spice failed to capture the interest of the judges. 

In the end, Ru named Mistress the winner of the maxi-challenge, which resulted in Jax and Aura lip-syncing for their lives.

To the beat of Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song Sweetest Pie, the dancing queens delivered twists, turns and flips galore. 

Despite both of the queens shocking the judges with their choreography, Ru named Jax the winner before asking Aura to sashay away. 

“I didn’t prepare any exit line because I didn’t think I was going home today. I just won last week, and I’m in the bottom two and going home,” Aura said in her exit confessional. 

“But I am very proud of myself. The biggest takeaway for me from this experience is no matter what hardships you have in life, surround yourself with the people that you love and everything it takes to reach your dreams, always.” 

On next week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15, the queens will be performing in a good ole fashion Lollapa-Ru-Za lip sync smackdown with a mysterious twist. 



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