Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15

Spice has opened up about the “cut” moment from her incredible lip sync performance against her sister Sugar.

On the latest episode of Drag Race, the queens participated in a super-sized version of the franchise’s maxi-challenge staple, Snatch Game. 

While queens like Loosey La Duca, Marcia Marcia Marcia and Mistress Isabelle Brooks wowed RuPaul with their celebrity impressions, Sugar and Spice struggled to land their jokes as Trisha Paytas and Miley Cyrus, respectively.

Due to their performances, Ru placed the twins in the bottom two for a highly anticipated and unsurprising lip sync showdown. 

However unlike like previous Drag Race lip sync’s, Sugar and Spice delivered an iconic joint choreographed routine to Pat Benatar’s hit song You Better Run.

While their electric performance was a hit amongst the judges’ panel and their fellow contestants, Ru, unfortunately, broke up the twins by sending Sugar home. 

Shortly after the episode aired, Spice took to social media and spilt some behind-the-scenes tea regarding their unforgettable lip sync. 

“The way they cut out our most iconic part of the lip sync when we whipped out fake teeth and trolled tf out of them,” she wrote on Twitter. 

In response to Spice’s tweet, fans flocked to her mentions to express their disappointment over the edit. 

One person tweeted: “Omg, I would pay to see this footage with the judges’ reactions.” 

Another fan wrote: “I’ll never understand why they cut the best parts of anything… don’t they want iconic moments?”

Some fans also blamed the cut moment on MTV’s controversial move to shorten Drag Race season 15 episodes to 40 minutes.

“This is the first week I noticed drag race to be too short. No mini-challenge? Mmhm, not great, but ok, but no workroom walk-through? We didn’t even get to hear who half the queens were doing? And then to hear they cut out most of Sugar and Spice’s lip sync? It’s too much,” one viewer pointed out. 

You can watch Sugar and Spice’s lip-sync performance here or below.