Megami has spilt some major behind-the-scenes details regarding this week’s episode of Drag Race season 16.

Spoilers ahead.

For their fourth maxi-challenge of the season, Ru tasked the queens with splitting into three girl groups and remixing three songs from her hit album Black Butta. 

Group one (Q.D.S.M.) consisted of Q, Dawn, Morphine Love Dion, and Sapphira Cristál; their track was ‘Star Baby’.  

Group two (Lovah Girlz) featured Amanda Tori Meating, Plane Jane, Plasma, and Xunami Muse; their song was ‘Courage To Love.’

Geneva Karr, Megami, Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige and Nymphia Wind rounded out group three (Thicc & Stick), with their track being ‘ASMR Lover.’ 

Like past girl group challenges, there was plenty of drama in the workroom during the preparation process – including a Jane and Amanda power struggle/blow-up, an awkward dance rehearsal, and Megami’s heartbreaking response to being selected last. 

Fortunately, the ladies pulled it together just in time for the challenge and their Faster Pussycat, Wig, Wig runway. 

In the end, Thicc & Stick and their charming remix of ‘ASMR Lover’ won the challenge, with Amanda sashaying away after an electric lip-sync against Q. 

Following the episode’s release, Megami took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share some behind-the-scenes tea on the girl group challenge. 

“For anyone who thinks I didn’t BUST my ASS: I wrote my verse. I literally wrote Nymphia’s verse. Helped Geneva edit her verse,” she wrote. 

“I contributed the middle part of the Choreo. I came up with the team name. I FOUGHT with the fear of god in me for this. I was an ASSET to my team.” 

In an additional tweet, the beloved queen added that none of the queens knew who was going to win the challenge.

“We LEGIT didn’t know who was gonna win cus all 3 groups fucking DESTROYED this challenge,” she explained.

“When I fucking TELL YOU the workroom was TENSE that day cause we could NOT tell in person who was gonna win.

“Like thrilled overjoyed grateful that it was us. But watching the other 2 from the sidelines, it was so close. Everyone was FIGHTING for it this challenge.”

In response to Megami’s tweet, fans flocked to her mentions to praise the New York-based queen for her hard work.
One user wrote: “Grrrrrl. You slayed it this week & every week. You’re seen & kickin it.” 

Another fan echoed similar sentiments, tweeting: “Oh there’s no need to explain anything. You can tell y’all worked together and were a cohesive group. You ALL did an amazing job and I’m proud of every single one of you.” 

A third viewer added: ppl have been underestimating u all season and they need to get with the program!! u ate this week UP

On next week’s episode of Drag Race season 16, the queens will be tasked with creating their own dragtastic doll. Retired fashion stylist Law Roach is set to appear as a guest judge. 

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