Drag Race Italia star Farida Kant has apologized to Drag Race alum Lady Camden for shading her on social media. 

On 22 October, the Italian queen took to Instagram to express her frustrations with the Werq The World tour and the lack of similar opportunities for international queens.  

However her criticisms were overshadowed due to her singling out Lady Camden – unprovoked – to make her point.

“This is Lady Camden, an internationally famous drag queen, a medium-level dancer, background dancers, and a costume made by someone else,” she wrote (via a translation from X, formerly known as Twitter).

“She travels the world with Werq the World and earning millions. Us Italian queens get excluded from all of this even though our level is the same or even better.

“When you are born in the wrong place but you’re trying to change it. Maybe one day I will but I think I’ll have start enjoying long rimming sessions.”

Farida’s comments didn’t bode well with fans with many describing the Lady Camden shade as “unnecessary”.

Some of Farida and Lady Camden’s Drag Race franchise peers also shared their opinions on the matter. 

Heidi N Closet wrote on X: “I don’t think coming for the girls on the tour is the way to go… they aren’t the ones doing the bookings. If you want more opportunities reach out to promoters, be visible in you community, or just create your own opportunities. Easier said then done but still possible.” 

Eve 6000 added: “Now I love Farida but Camden is very talented and a lovely person lol. I understand the frustration completely, but why Camden gotta catch a stray.” 

In response to the backlash, Farida returned to social media on 24 October to apologize to Lady Camden and clarify her post.

“Time to address my post that has been making the rounds online. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone. I know i have mispoken and in the heat of the moment I went off the wrong way. I really didn’t mean to single out or throw shade at anyone,” she wrote on X.

“It’s just that sometimes, no matter how hard you try or the effort you put in and the connections you try to make, it feels like some opportunities are out of our reach regardless. Again, no shade to any queen, just my thoughts on this issue.” 

In an additional statement to her Instagram story, Farida reiterated that her problem was with the “Italian system” and the lack of investment in the “Italian drag world”.

“I was wrong to bring up Lady Camden, I did it instinctively when watching one of her shows, I should have made a generic speech, and for this, I apologize to her first and foremost,” she added, per PRIDE.

“Other that I am trying to do my part in Italy, which has always believed little in this art and in our community.”