Bob the Drag Queen has served the “beef” right back to fellow Drag Race alumni Maddy Morphosis, by dropping a diss track that has – according to one fan – “slapped so mf hard”.

In the fifth episode of The Pit Stop, host Trixie Mattel was joined by Drag Race season 14 contestant Maddy Morphosis, which marked her debut on the series.

The pair were discussing the latest episode of season 16, where queens were tasked with breaking into girl groups to perform remixes of songs from RuPaul’s Black Butta album.

Trixie asked Maddy how she would have fared with the lyric writing aspect, to which she responded: “I think I’d be great. I think I’m very clever with word play. I wish I could have done a Ru-verse, a Ru-sical, a girl group writing stuff.”

Trixie responded with a potential solution: “You could do what Bob does sometimes. She will release her own verse of these songs.”

“I think it’s corny,” replied Maddy.

Bob the Drag Queen then spliced together the clip along with a diss track of Maddy.

The LA based queen introduced her own video by saying: “Now, I’m just sitting down trying to enjoy the Pit Stop, a job that was stolen from me and then To Wong Foo try to read me. I’m like, now how I get in this?”

Prior to dropping the diss, Bob teased the track on X with a Patreon link. Maddy was quick to comment: “I just know 12 Patreon subscribers are living right now! Can’t wait to hear it.”

This was followed by an online back-and-forth that threw more at the apparent beef between the queens.

Although Maddy seemingly “squashed this corned beef”, she teased a response track with the caption: “Video recorded, feature secured, corn popped. Lemme get some sleep right quick, and I’ll see y’all in a jiffy.”

Fans had a front row seat to the drama, with one commenting: “This went so far above my expectations. And my expectations were HIGH. What a super-star Bob is.”

Another added, “It was on that day that two queens with the worst wigs of all time battled it out.”

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