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Drag Race fans have called on MTV to bring back the series’ 90-minute episodes after season 15’s latest release.

Spoilers ahead 

For this week’s maxi-challenge, the queens were tasked with selling their vision of the afterlife – aka “The Queer After – by creating their own infomercials.

After splitting off into three groups –Team Anetra, Team Amythest, and Team Leftovers – the queens worked on their individual scripts, characters, and storylines to make the best queer heaven-based commercial possible.

With their ideas established, the queens headed to the soundstage to film their infomercials under the tutelage of Drag Race judge and icon Michelle Visage. 

After watching their heavenly infomercials and presenting their “Metallica” ensembles on the mainstage, Ru announced that Sasha Colby was the winner of the maxi-challenge – resulting in Princess Poppy and Amethyst in the bottom two. 

In the end, Princess sashayed away, and Amethyst was able to see another Drag Race day. 

Shortly after the episode was released, fans flocked to social media to slam season 15’s shorter 40-minute episode format.

One person wrote: “I feel like these Drag Race episodes need to be 90 minutes long with how many queens are on the cast this season… I feel like I’m not getting to know most of the girls, and the eliminations feel rushed/anticlimactic.”

Another person tweeted: “Nah, y’all need to make this 90 minutes again this is too much. WE WERE FLYING THROUGH THE WHOLE EPISODE.”

Even Drag Race stars, like Molly Poppinz and season 15 contestant Salina EsTitties, called out the schedule change. 

“Maybe Drag Race making the switch to @MTV wasn’t actually that fierce… cause that 42-minute episode was not it ma’am,” Molly wrote.

Salina added: “We worked too hard and invested too much money for a 45 min edit. And I say this as a viewer and fan of the show. I just wanted to see more of the gals. 

The LA-based performer’s season 15 sister, Aura Mayari, echoed similar sentiments in response, writing: “Yeah, that was a fast one… so this is every Friday, huh?” 

From season 10 to season 14, Drag Race released 90-minute episodes, which granted viewers with more behind-the-scenes tea regarding the maxi-challenges and a deeper insight into the contestant’s relationships with one another. 

However, due to MTV’s new reality show –The Real Friends of WeHo –being placed in between Drag Race and Untucked, the competition series was stripped down. 

According to a report from Deadline, the move was meant to build a “destination night by using [Drag Race] to launch” the series, which stars Brad Goreski and Todrick Hall.  

Due to the fan outrage, a petition on was created calling for MTV not to air The Real Friends of WeHo in favour of longer Drag Race episodes. 

“I know this is probably petty, but MTV and WOWPresents, we would like RuPaul’s Drag Race to return to 90-minute episodes,” the petition explained. 

“The 90-minute format was unique to any other reality competition show where we actually have context for the content of episodes.” 

As of this writing, the petition has nearly reached its goal of 10,000 signees, with over 8,000 signatures.

See below for more fan reactions to the shorter Drag Race episodes.

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